Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson would have today celebrated his 57th birthday had he still been alive. The King of Pop has inspired millions of people over the years and his legacy only continues to grow. He is easily as Michael Jacksonfamous as his father-in-law, Elvis Presley, and between them (the King of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll) they have quite possibly created the most famous family in contemporary music history.

Jackson’s Career

Jackson started out as part of the infamous Jackson 5 and later moved on to his own solo career where he produced worldwide hits such as Thriller, Billy Jean, and Earth Song. Jackson’s music was considered by some to be revolutionary and will go down in history as brilliant compositions. Not only was Jackson’s music a hit, but he was also famous for his dancing. There are Michael Jackson impersonators across the world, who all aim to emanate the singer’s most famous moves, the most well known being the Moon Walk. His concerts were constant sell-outs, and despite a number of personal issues brought to public light throughout his life, popularity for Jackson never dwindled.

Play Jackson at home!

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