Elvis and his Digital Piano

In a recent interview with Sir Tom, the Welsh singing sensation spoke briefly about Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, and his digital piano. It is great to know that this music legend relied on such an excellent piece of kit which is still just as popular today. The popularity of the instrument among the stars goes a long way to show how convenient they are, mainly due to the portability of the instruments and ease with which they can be set up. Elvis and Sir Tom

Elvis and Sir Tom

It is no secret that Sir Tom and Elvis were pals – as Sir Tom like to tell everyone he meets – however it wasn’t previously common knowledge that the pair used to go back to The King’s room and sing aro

und his electric piano until the early hours;

“Sir Tom: Elvis had a great sense of humour and he used to clown about a lot but he loved music. He loved singing as much as I do. After his shows in Las Vegas, we’d go to his hotel suite and sing gospel songs around an electric piano for most of the night. I used to say to him: “Elvis you’ve finished your shows and you’re still singing.” We’d be singing until the sun came up and that’s when I knew I had to leave.”

 Elvis isn’t the only one!

In popular music today electronic pianos are more widely used by the stars than ever before. When musicians, singers, and bands are on tour, an electric piano is simply the most practical solution to music making on the move. With a wide range of digital pianos available that come with stands designed for portability, it is no hassle to pack up and move from room to room, or venue to venue. Elvis was just one of many pop and rock superstars who was a fan of the digital piano!



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