Chase Bit Masterkeyboard


Your preview of Chase’s sensational new keyboard to be launched at Frankfurt, Feb 15th 1986


Chase Music offer a wide range of electric pianos and digital keyboards, but where did it all start?! Back in the 80s, Chase Music was among the first to specialise in digital pianos. Here’s an advert from 1986 for the legendary ‘Chase Bit Masterkeyboard’!

Chase Bit Masterkeyboard – PLUS?

Why Masterkeyboard Plus?It’s a Masterkeyboard, It’s a Sequencer, It’s a MIDI genius….

Switch on your synths, kick in your expanders, hit GO on your drum manchines. Now forget everything else, and just PLAY. No need to worry about program setting, remember patch numbers, MIDI channels and the rest of the works – the BIT MASTERKEYBOARD does all that for you and much much more.

It’s totally future orientated, with all the MIDI features you ever wanted (and probably a few you hadn’t even dreamt of). MIDI 2 is what we call it, with the usual MIDI-IN connector to “drive” the MASTERKEYBOARD from a portable/remote keyboard plus two MIDI-OUT connectors. You can tell the BIT MASTERKEYBOARD to “filter out” unwanted and/or incorrect MIDI data, and then assign the “cleaned up act” to one of the MIDI-OUTS.

The weighted keyboard is just that – a “nice touch” to give you six octaves of touch dynamic, human engineered playing pleasure.

That Masterkeyboard TOUCH

Now add AFTER TOUCH, not the usual stuff but After Touch the BIT way – with sensitivity adjustable in six steps. And don’t worry if your expander or synths don’t “speak after touch”. The CHASE BIG MASTERKEYBOARD PLUS lets you re-route After Touch data to control Modulation and/or Pitch Bend instead.

Next, let’s take a look at keyboard Splits: you get three Split Zones which can be programmed and transposed individually; handle Key Velocity; and control their own set of MIDI Channels. The Zones can even be programmed to overlap by any number of notes.

Did we say “Sequencer”? It’s a musical genius right there alongside all those state-of-the-art keyboard functions, capable of storing up to 4000 notes (Real-Time or Single Step) 64 patches on four separate tracks. You can mix and merge tracks, auto-correct the timing, insert and delete anything from a single note to a symphony, copy sections and assemble between MIDI-Clock, Sync-Clock and Sync-to-tape.

Plus, Plus, Plus…

Just a few of the impressive list of features at an impressively low price!!

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