80s Master Synthesizer

From Synthesizer to Digital Piano

Back in the 80s Chase Music was known for its synthesizers which were internationally award winning. Having founded the London Synthesizer School, synthesizers made by Chase Music were some of the top synthesizers in the world. Today, Chase is still up and running, but the speciality is now digital pianos and portable keyboards. Chase electric pianos are some of the top in their field and boast a whole range of features, some of which are reminiscent of those of a synthesizer, for example the Chase P-40. This brilliant advert is for the Chase Bit 99 synthesizer from 1985;

Chase Bit 99 Synthesizer

The Master Synthesizer

“Let me be your master”

I am a 6 voice, programmable, touch sensitive synthesizer designed to be a powerful synthesizer and a MIDI Controller Keyboard: I promise to transmit and receive all MIDI information accurately. I promise to let you program a Split point anywhere you want, giving you two separate three voice synths. I promise to let you transpose voices above the Split anywhere you want. I promise to come with 75 solid presets and a tape of 75 more. I promise to give you another 24 patches of Doubled or Split combinations. I promise to respond and transmit your touch and velocity. I promise to let you use my velocity to control my Pulse Width, LFO’s Rate, my VCF and VCA differently for each voice. I promise to let you program my Modulation Wheel Amount for each voice. I promise to let you transmit or receive a Release Pedal. Pitch Bending, Program Change and all Modulation functions. I can even let you choose Omni On, Omni Off, or receive and transmit on any of the 16 MIDI Channels, and as a special feature, I can also transmit on two separate MIDI Channels simultaneously. I promise to offer you some unique sounds, both digital and analogue. I promise to offer you a tight, slightly weighed keyboard feel. I promise to let you set up three sets of 30 voices each in any order you want, so you can step through them, that’s called ‘Chaining’. I promise to let you program me completely, including Noise for effects, variations and Detunings. I am called the CHASE BIT 99 Programmable Synthesizer. I can give you more features than most other keyboards can. I work well with MIDI keyboards, and especially well with expanders that receive touch sensitivity such as my “SLAVE” the CHASE BIT 01 Synthesizer Module. My younger brother was voted Professional Keyboard of 1985 – I am even better. I am a completely programmable MIDI Master Keyboard. I NEED TO FEEL YOUR TOUCH AND I WILL RESPOND.



Alexandra Rivers

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