Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson would have today celebrated his 57th birthday had he still been alive. The King of Pop has inspired millions of people over the years and his legacy only continues to grow. He is easily as Michael Jacksonfamous as his father-in-law, Elvis Presley, and between them (the King of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll) they have quite possibly created the most famous family in contemporary music history. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!”

The John Lennon Piano


35 years after the musical legend’s assassination, the ‘John Lennon Piano’ is going on display for the first time ever. The piano can be heard on a number of hit tracks including some collaborations with David Bowie and Elton John and is said to have been the source of inspiration for many Beatles songs. Walls and Bridges, and Double Fantasy are albums where the piano can be heard as well as on many other songs by Lennon. Lennon and Elton John Continue reading “The John Lennon Piano”


Back in the 1980s when Chase Music was something of an organ specialist, they held a number of promotional events surrounding organs and synthesisers, like the Family Organ Exhibition in 1986 as advertised below! Today, although Chase do not stock organs any more, there is a range of digital pianos with organ features and functions. Many top of the range electronic pianos come with electronic organ voices that can be easily switched between. Both the Chase P-40 and the Chase P-55 have organ voices and functions that are great fun to play with!!

One Day Only

This Sunday 18th September 1986 10am – 4pm




ABBA piano expected to fetch £800k

ABBA’s Dancing Queen

The famous ABBA piano that was used in the creation of ABBA’s Dancing Queen (and is responsible for that famous glissando that starts the whole song off) is going up for auction next month at Sotheby’s. It’s going to be just one of a number of pieces of memorabilia going for auction in a ‘Rock and Pop’ auction and the piano is expected to fetch in the region of £800,000. This ABBA piano was designed by Georg Bolin and has come from Atlantis Grammofon which is the studio where ABBA recorded some of their hit songs back in 1976. This piano is said to have been the inspiration behind many of ABBA’s hit songs, which perhaps explains why there is such a hefty price tag!

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Frankfurt Review 1986


Exhibition Special – 1986


Frankfurt Review


As the third and final post on the 1986 Frankfurt review, here is a review of the CHASE BIT MASTERKEYBOARD. It received critical acclaim and will go down in the books of synthesiser history as a legend. If you are looking for an instrument that will provide you with some of the features of a synthesiser and at a superb price, you answer is probably a digital piano. Electric pianos and keyboards come in a whole range of prices and with an expansive range of features! Have a look at the Chase P40 or Chase P55 and see what you think!

The Frankfurt Review

The power of this keyboard is devastating, the price is incredible. Outperforming every other Masterkeyboard up to nearly £2000 it retails at less than £600.


With complete MIDI implementation, the extensive R and D programme has produced The Keyboard Players Masterkeyboard. Fully weighted with dynamics, aftertouch and two split points, it encorporates a powerful 4000 note 4-track sequencer.


The MIDI is very thorough having MIDI in, programmable MIDI out channels – not “parallel” but “real” to cut down transmission delay when controllingup to 16 other keyboards or synth modules.



But perhaps above all, the beauty of the Chase Bit Masterkeyboard is in its visualisation of what is going on. You can in theory use any MIDI keyboard to control any other MIDI keyboard – but to find out what is going on and carry out adjustments is a minefield – especially when you may be controlling more than just one.

At Frankfurt, Chase demonstrated the full control, status reporting and simple addressability of all 16 synth modules linked to the Masterkeyboard.



Also on show at the Frankfurt Review were the two instruments that this season, are taking the UK by storm, the Chase Bit 99 and Chase Bit Synth Module plus a prototype for the new Sampling Keyboard due out late Autumn which, from its specification, will outperform virtually everything on the market.

Siel Synth from Chase!



-Chase stole the show, and here’s why:-

As the second half of yesterday’s post, here is another archived advert for the Siel DK70 from the highly successful 1986 Frankfurt review from Chase Music. Chase’s main speciality back in the 1980s was synthesizers and this is a perfect example of one. As it has been stated many times before, although Chase now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards, there are a whole range of electronic pianos with features not dissimilar to those of the synths that Chase used to sell, for example the Chase P40! Like back in the 80s, Chase Music still has a showroom where you can come and try a whole range of excellent digital pianos from a range of brands!!

Siel DK70 Continue reading “Siel Synth from Chase!”

Chase Bit Masterkeyboard


Your preview of Chase’s sensational new keyboard to be launched at Frankfurt, Feb 15th 1986


Chase Music offer a wide range of electric pianos and digital keyboards, but where did it all start?! Back in the 80s, Chase Music was among the first to specialise in digital pianos. Here’s an advert from 1986 for the legendary ‘Chase Bit Masterkeyboard’! Continue reading “Chase Bit Masterkeyboard”

The BIT ONE Synthesizer

As we know, Chase Music used to specialise not in digital pianos, as they do today, but in synthesizers. As one of the world’s leading authorities on synthesizers, they produced the legendary BIT ONE synthesiser which won many awards and was simply a top notch piece of kit. Today, the standard of musical instrument at Chase Music is no less impressive and a wide range of offers on outstanding digital pianos and electronic keyboards are available.Chase BIT ONE Synthesizer Continue reading “The BIT ONE Synthesizer”

Laurie and Jazz


The Footlights star Hugh Laurie – who made his debut back in the 1980s at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival alongside Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry – has in recent years, taken a slight change in direction. It has never been a secret that Laurie is something of a musician (in particular a pianist) and we see him in some early Fry and Laurie sketches tinkling the ivories. In 2010 Laurie released a blues album and has been very much immersed into the jazz and blues scene ever since. His musical prowess is undeniable, and although his singing voice isn’t likely to dazzle critics, the rawness and grit is absolutely perfect for the style Laurie is procuring.Laurie at the piano Continue reading “Laurie and Jazz”

Jools Holland and his Digital Pianos

Jools Holland has long been a fan of the digital piano and is practically an international ambassador for the instrument. For a man of such talent and given the way he works, it makes perfect sense that he would use a top line electric piano. He has given online demonstrations of exactly why an electronic piano suits his needs perfectly and we can see him playing with all of the different voices, creatinJools Hollandg his own backing percussion tracks to play along with, and uploading pre-recorded tracks and vocals. Jools Holland sits at his piano stool and explains the use to him of the strings voice; he uses the string effect in the studio to play around until he finds the right sound, and then he knows it will translate well to his orchestra! He also demonstrates his excitement at a whole range of the other features on offer on the particular piano he is trying. The enthusiasm is contagious!

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