Lamont Dozier – The Man Behind Motown

Lamont Dozier is the man behind the music when it comes to Motown. Today he celebrates his 74th birthday, we look back on his standing as an iconic singer –songwriter and record producer who wrote and co-wrote a multitude of hits. He reeled off songs like a Motown machine in the 60s and helped artists like Phil Collins and Alison Moyet rise in the ‘80s due to his song-writing input to sounds like ’Two Hearts’ and ‘Invisible’ respectively. Lamont Dozier knew all about how to tug at heart strings with his emotive lyrics and enchanting digital piano melodies; all packaged in a musical styling that sped to the top of the charts. Perhaps he should be known as lament rather than Lamont Dozier…Lamont Dozier – The Man Behind Motown

Lamont Dozier Dossier

The Supremes, Martha And The Vandellas, The Four Tops and the Isley Brothers all had hits in the ‘60s written and produced by Lamont Dozier as he worked in partnership with Eddie and Brian Holland. ’Where Did Our Love Go’ was one such Motown single for The Supremes in 1964 that delivers a message of lost love and abandonment with its yearning lyrics and soft digital piano stomps:

C                                                         G                     Dm                                F                   G

‘’Baby, baby where did our love go?       Don’t you want me, don’t you want me no more?’’

All Heart

Written as the soundtrack for the 1988 comedy film ‘Buster’, ‘Two Hearts’ was co-written by Lamont Dozier and Phil Collins. The song has a fast, energetic tempo driven by a digital piano synth tone doubled by a resonating glockenspiel. Phil Collins fronted the lyrics with gentle vocals that guide us to the chorus:

C                                               Bm       G

‘’Two hearts believing in just one mind’’

It was the synth-pop sound of ‘Invisible’ written by Lamont Dozier and sung by Alison Moyet in 1984 that yielded more accolades for the Motown magician as he used a new wave wall of sound that ricocheted from the onset:

                           D                                                                                         Bm

‘’You’ve got me so confused and there’s words I could use but I’m afraid to say them’’

Though the lyrics speak of confusion it was all so patently clear for Lamont Dozier who went full circle and revamped his earlier hits in 2004 – such talent from the ‘invisible’ man behind the Motown magic.


Janet Redwood

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