Vincent Crane On Fire

Now Vincent Crane might not be a name that springs to mind with immediate effect but if I alluded to the song title ‘’Fire’’ and your age is a little over the half century then a knowing nod would probably ensue. Vincent Crane would have celebrated his 72nd birthday today if he had not deliberately overdosed on Anadin tablets on St Valentine Day 1989. His legendary Hammond organ sound played on a digital piano was his big break through as Vincent Crane played in the psychedelic rock band ‘The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’. The trio’s best known single ‘Fire’ of ’68 was promoted as a guitar-free zone of vocals, digital piano and drums. This side-shoot of the rock line-up coupled with a flamboyant stage show of flaming helmets and proclamations of godliness from the group’s frontman Arthur Brown – Vincent Crane was on fire. Vincent Crane On Fire

A Burning Desire

‘’Fire’’ reached the burning heights of the music chart globally. It was the signatory Vincent Crane digital piano motif that lead the way with its definitive Hammond Organ sound laced with triumphant brass and preluded by Arthur Brown’s famous ‘’I am the god of hellfire and I bring you’’ outcry:

Chorus:  Fm       Eb                              Fm    Eb     Fm  Eb                              Fm    Eb

’Fire.          I’ll take you to burn.         Fire.      I’ll take you to learn’’ etc

Vincent Crane – A Flamin’ Shame

The prophesising lyrics are accompanied by the Vincent Crane digital piano feature of the rising motif Eb F F C’ Bb A, stomping chords, glissandos and more as Arthur Brown brimming with foreboding and a frenzied climax completes the pagan-styled underworld scenario:

C7                       Fm

’You’re gonna burn, burn, burn, burn’’ etc

From self-taught electric player to music college graduate, Vincent Crane tasted success both with this anarchic single and as a collaborator with similar artists of the day. With his life tragically cut short at the age of 45 he was stopped in his tracks – but for this track – Vincent Crane will be remembered.


Janet Redwood

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