Nu Shooz – A Comfy Pair

Nu Shooz is a US band made up of husband and wife team John Smith and Valerie Day. The twosome has been strutting their crossover styling of freestyle/electrodance since their inception in the late ‘70s and are enjoying a resurgence today by way of their freestyle hit release ‘’I Can’t Wait’’ of 1986. Whilst some women today are still lashed for wearing high heels, Nu Shooz are celebrating their revival as the song is celebrated on our screens in the form of a twenty second TV advert for Cuprinol spray and brush. Whilst we’re cheering up our gardens and spraying our territory, the chirpy tune emulating from the Digital Piano that once put ‘’I Can’t Wait’’ at number 2 in the UK electro-pop charts can be heard once again donning the airwaves. The comfy couple in the Cuprinol ad kick off their Nu Shooz and get on down to the music – others with more UK reserve may wish to sit on the fence…

Nu Shooz Wearing Well

’I Can’t Wait’’ appears second on the 1986 ‘Poolside’ album of eight tracks having diluted the Nu Shooz team down from twelve to seven members before the final duo act finally got them break. Valerie Day fronts the album with vocals and John Smith counters with vocals, guitar and Digital Piano. Despite the duos dilution of past members, Nu Shooz drafted in several freelance musicians scored to include sax and trumpet for a ‘beefier’ wind sound that gave that Shakatak blast.

Walking Tall

’I Can’t Wait’’ begins with a heady funk riff from a bass guitar joined by ‘wind chime’ clusters of sound from the digital piano and harmonised backing vocals. The legendary four-bar digital piano melody that makes this Nu Shooz classic instantly recognisable enters to complete the introduction with its stunted nasal-like sound complimented by wind interspersions:

D             Dm                 Gm       C     Gm

Bb Bb Bb D C Bb C G-, Bb Bb Bb D C Bb

Valerie Day delivers a smooth, easy-going rendition as all parts interact to make a cyclic freestyle hit of standing:

Eb         Dm                                 Gm                             F                         Gm   Cm

’My love,   tell me what it’s all about. You’ve got something I can’t live without’’

A great pair from the throwback 80s’; happy in their own skin, comfy in their Nu Shooz.

Janet Redwood

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