Keith Kenniff – At The Cutting Edge

Keith Kenniff and Samsung have joined forces to get the edge. As Samsung brings out its new S6 so Keith Kenniff, US composer, performer and producer underpins the mobile moghul’s latest product with a snatch of musical edge entitled ‘Goldengrove’. Despite Samsung utilising the exact same track as previous competitors Apple did for their iphone 4S Keith Kenniff has given the S6 a new lease of life with a less ‘twee’ orchestral version originally lead by digital piano and woodwind to a more sonorous scoring. Still dominated by the nimble fingers of the digital piano the playful percussive feel is exchanged for more eloquent string ensemble of graceful proportions. Clever Keith Kenniff – Samsung must be singing his praises!   Keith Kenniff – At The Cutting Edge

Keith Kenniff On Form

Though only 30 seconds of ‘Goldengrove’ can be heard; both machine and music display their stylish veneer. The cutting edge design is accompanied by a ternary structure as a cleanly-executed digital piano motif teeters between two notes flutters and sways with uncertainty. The left hand joins in to steady the ‘nervy’ right hand and the two interlock and are joined by strings and ‘whisps’ of woodwind. The tempo accelerates and this iconic Keith Kenniff scoring of classical and innovation develops to a playful climax. The digital piano returns for the final ‘A’ section with its original 2-note lilt and the Samsung promo is complete with a final giocoso dash to the upper octave.

Goldengrove – A Fuller Picture

The original ‘Goldengrove’ is a meatier 2’11’’ long and shows the fuller context of this cutting –edge work. The intro unravels at a slower tempo with upper strings and digital piano displaying a reluctance to gain pace as they find their musical feet. Sure enough the ‘Samsung’ section is revealed with the recognisable Keith Kenniff 2-note flutter begins its journey into nomadic territory. Strings ooze with single exudes of sound and slowly a more discernible melody takes ownership as ‘Goldengrove’ yields its true beauty.

The underlying electronica has remained unmentioned to date due to the authentic classical feel of the scoring. Now the digital piano obtains a more synth-like fullness as final swathes of sound take hold; dotted by a subtle glockenspiel doubling that signifies the end is nigh.

As Samsung reveals in their strapline; ‘Next Is Now’. Keith Kenniff seems to have no trouble in looking back to the future.


Janet Redwood

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