Ibiza Joins The Club

This is the year of the digital piano as this year’s BBC Proms pioneers its new makeover and Ibiza joins the club. The new look/new sound annual music festival is keen to get its show on the road, street and in the cul-de-sac between July and September as a three month saturation of music, music, and more music spreads through the height of the summer. Features include the celebration of the digital piano, the dance club scene of Ibiza, a Sherlock Holmes celebration and a brand new contemporary work embracing photography as its stimulus.Ibiza Joins The Club Continue reading “Ibiza Joins The Club”

Kawai KDP 90 – A Holiday From The Rest

This Bank Holiday weekend may see many of us dancing around the maypole; whilst others will enjoy a similar celebration on their new Kawai KDP 90 digital piano. May Day festivals still survive as part of our tradition in some parts of the UK particularly in Padstow, Cornwall where they use energised drum rhythms to beat out winter and the spring in. Meanwhile in the comfort of your own home you can experience the feel of authenticity with the touch of a button on the Kawai KDP 90 digital piano. So why not have a holiday from the rest and enjoy the beat of your own drum this May Day weekend. Kawai KDP 90 Digital Piano Continue reading “Kawai KDP 90 – A Holiday From The Rest”

Ella Henderson – Standing Tall

Ella Henderson is standing tall as she sings ‘Giants’ – the backing track that accompanies ITV’s new Sunday drama ‘Home Fires’. The Henderson surname is one many will associate with the 1987 movie ‘Big Foot And The Hendersons’; a film centred around a large sasquatch beast where size didn’t fit the mould. As a recent newbie to the seismic music industry Ella Henderson is happily growing into her role as she stands side-by-side with the women of a small village in rural Cheshire as WWII takes its grip. With a minimalistic scoring of only Ella Henderson and digital piano to begin this pop ballad it soon dawns that our gentle giant is heading for the up as this empathetic track has the makings of a stalwart anthem.Ella Henderson – Standing Tall Continue reading “Ella Henderson – Standing Tall”

Nu Shooz – A Comfy Pair

Nu Shooz is a US band made up of husband and wife team John Smith and Valerie Day. The twosome has been strutting their crossover styling of freestyle/electrodance since their inception in the late ‘70s and are enjoying a resurgence today by way of their freestyle hit release ‘’I Can’t Wait’’ of 1986. Whilst some women today are still lashed for wearing high heels, Nu Shooz are celebrating their revival as the song is celebrated on our screens in the form of a twenty second TV advert for Cuprinol spray and brush. Whilst we’re cheering up our gardens and spraying our territory, the chirpy tune emulating from the Digital Piano that once put ‘’I Can’t Wait’’ at number 2 in the UK electro-pop charts can be heard once again donning the airwaves. The comfy couple in the Cuprinol ad kick off their Nu Shooz and get on down to the music – others with more UK reserve may wish to sit on the fence…

Nu Shooz Wearing Well

’I Can’t Wait’’ appears second on the 1986 ‘Poolside’ album of eight tracks having diluted the Nu Shooz team down from twelve to seven members before the final duo act finally got them break. Valerie Day fronts the album with vocals and John Smith counters with vocals, guitar and Digital Piano. Despite the duos dilution of past members, Nu Shooz drafted in several freelance musicians scored to include sax and trumpet for a ‘beefier’ wind sound that gave that Shakatak blast.

Walking Tall

’I Can’t Wait’’ begins with a heady funk riff from a bass guitar joined by ‘wind chime’ clusters of sound from the digital piano and harmonised backing vocals. The legendary four-bar digital piano melody that makes this Nu Shooz classic instantly recognisable enters to complete the introduction with its stunted nasal-like sound complimented by wind interspersions:

D             Dm                 Gm       C     Gm

Bb Bb Bb D C Bb C G-, Bb Bb Bb D C Bb

Valerie Day delivers a smooth, easy-going rendition as all parts interact to make a cyclic freestyle hit of standing:

Eb         Dm                                 Gm                             F                         Gm   Cm

’My love,   tell me what it’s all about. You’ve got something I can’t live without’’

A great pair from the throwback 80s’; happy in their own skin, comfy in their Nu Shooz.

Janet Redwood

Keith Kenniff – At The Cutting Edge

Keith Kenniff and Samsung have joined forces to get the edge. As Samsung brings out its new S6 so Keith Kenniff, US composer, performer and producer underpins the mobile moghul’s latest product with a snatch of musical edge entitled ‘Goldengrove’. Despite Samsung utilising the exact same track as previous competitors Apple did for their iphone 4S Keith Kenniff has given the S6 a new lease of life with a less ‘twee’ orchestral version originally lead by digital piano and woodwind to a more sonorous scoring. Still dominated by the nimble fingers of the digital piano the playful percussive feel is exchanged for more eloquent string ensemble of graceful proportions. Clever Keith Kenniff – Samsung must be singing his praises!   Keith Kenniff – At The Cutting Edge Continue reading “Keith Kenniff – At The Cutting Edge”

Charles Aznavour – The He Behind The She

Charles Aznavour is celebrating his 91st birthday and though he may be best known for the song ‘She’ it is ‘he’ who is the focus on this day. ‘She’ was the slow-tempo pop ballad led by a soothing digital piano lilt and yearning vocal pull that had the world at its feet in 1974.  The ‘Frank Sinatra of France’ has been performing since he was knee-high to a grasshopper and even last year he was busy with a punishing tour programme. His audience in equal measure of she’s and he’s adore him and although it is some 41 years since the Mona Lisa mystery hit the charts – Charles Aznavour still delivers this legendary track as the top number is his stage repertoire. Written in five European languages and still singing today in English, French, Spanish or Italian; it is the language of love that Charles Aznavour can recite by heart.  Charles Aznavour – The He Behind The She Continue reading “Charles Aznavour – The He Behind The She”

The Selecter Struts Its Stuff

The Selecter, UK ska band from the 70’s is hitting the streets once more with its single ‘On My Radio’. Led by front woman Pauline Black, The Selecter has been selected by Virgin Money to promote their one minute campaign accompanied by the signatory digital piano Hammond organ sound and a setting of a lone pigeon dancing on the cobbles! In a desperate attempt to understand the wider context of this Virgin promo I may have overlooked the association of these disparate elements of The Selecter, pigeon and money; I can’t see the connection myself so I’ll just enjoy the birdie strutting his stuff.   The Selecter Struts Its Stuff Continue reading “The Selecter Struts Its Stuff”

Vincent Crane On Fire

Now Vincent Crane might not be a name that springs to mind with immediate effect but if I alluded to the song title ‘’Fire’’ and your age is a little over the half century then a knowing nod would probably ensue. Vincent Crane would have celebrated his 72nd birthday today if he had not deliberately overdosed on Anadin tablets on St Valentine Day 1989. His legendary Hammond organ sound played on a digital piano was his big break through as Vincent Crane played in the psychedelic rock band ‘The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’. The trio’s best known single ‘Fire’ of ’68 was promoted as a guitar-free zone of vocals, digital piano and drums. This side-shoot of the rock line-up coupled with a flamboyant stage show of flaming helmets and proclamations of godliness from the group’s frontman Arthur Brown – Vincent Crane was on fire. Vincent Crane On Fire Continue reading “Vincent Crane On Fire”

Jess Glynne – Holding Her Hand

Jess Glynne is claiming you’ll never have to walk alone with her new single ‘Hold My Hand’. Having already held a top position as front women vocalist with Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’ in 2014 Jess Glynne is no stranger to climbing the UK charts in quick succession. Though ‘Hold My Hand’ has a less complex final form than ‘Rather Be’ the stomping digital piano chords soon make way for an ascending lyrical motif that trademarks a heady house ambience. Meanwhile, Myleene Klass is using the same magic fingers to grant the wardrobe wishes of Littlewoods shoppers their seasonal beach bargains whilst Jess Glynne holds their attention with her charismatic chorus. With ‘Hold My Hand’ shot in a Californian desert and the retailer’s promo on a beach in South Africa; its song, sea and sand all the way!  Jess Glynne – Holding Her Hand Continue reading “Jess Glynne – Holding Her Hand”

Spoons – Now Serving Up Music

Deep in the depths of the school kitchen they are playing the spoons. They’re not just stirring with it – but clicking and rattling to the sounds of ‘Get Ready For This’ as two dinner ladies get down and dirty freeing their joy during an elevenses break. Donning their costumes of aprons and hats, the spoons ladies effortlessly accompanying the duo 2 Unlimited whose  Euro dance hit ‘Get Ready For This’ soared to the top of the global charts in the 90’s. Though the track is somewhat heavy on the synthesizer side as a digital piano stomps away with a little less finesse than the spoons duo but hey! – it would seem that playing the spoons is music worth serving up. So move over Jamie Oliver’s revolutionary food rap…   Spoons – Now Serving Up Music Continue reading “Spoons – Now Serving Up Music”