Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners

Tom Odell is back as the ultimate plonker as he stomps his way through his track ‘Can’t Pretend’ with all the passion and rage of a thwarted lover. Don’t worry, his long-suffering digital piano will recover as Tom Odell finds his way back from yet another stay at a heartbreak hotel; but this time the learning curve was steeper.Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners

Tom Odell – The Ideal Candidate?

The Open University with its ‘Life-Changing Learning’ strapline has just the right artiste to air its message of hope and inspire rather than the usual Tom Odell mantra of moping and despair. The ballad ‘Can’t Pretend’ is a woeful song that loiters gingerly in the bass line of the digital piano and has Tom Odell and his straight blonde stalactites of hair that spearhead famously onto the ivories below. All is part of the theatrical performance of lyrics imbibed with struggle and strife and accompanied with the occasional prop of our ultimate plonker bobbing up and down on a piano stool.  Despite his ‘love’s labour’s lost’ exterior there is a hard core of determination in this wilful soul as snatches of the negro spiritual and all its desperation shine through in the Tom Odell repertoire. You’d think he’d have learnt by now…

Life’s Lessons

As the Open University lays before us the thought-provoking lesson that you’ll soon learn what you’re capable of. The promo shows a glimpse into the lives of four different students and their different paths to study; trials and tribulations and their ultimate success. All the while Tom Odell is feeding the four with his ‘Can’t Pretend’ track of the rough and the smooth in a low down, emotional message accompanied on his upright stalwart – the digital piano. Every two beats he plonks away with his stacked chords and shares life’s lessons:

 C#m     G#             C#m        F#m      C#m     G#         C#m     F#m

’But I guess that’s love,    I can’t pretend, I can’t pretend’’     etc

If Tom Odell would just consider widening his musical horizons and let his school of thought spread to a major key and not be a minor plonker all his life!. Meanwhile his sombre tones and woeful outpourings remain the Tom Odell trademark.

Won’t somebody please take him home?

Janet Redwood  

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