Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love

Rae Morris is the best attraction to come out of Blackpool at the moment – and she rocks. The singer-songwriter has her own set of landmark skills and can rustle up a gooey-eyed pop ballad accompanied by pertinent digital piano scoring in no time. Rae Morris is presently flying a flag over her own sandcastle in the sky by way of her debut album ‘Unguarded’ which dons twelve tracks of equal musical integrity and artistic merit starting with its first listed track ‘Skin’. Of course let’s not forget the resurrected Rae Morris cover of the Lennon-McCartney ‘All You Need Is Love’ to add to her collection of souvenirs which has flown gracefully from iconic Liver nerds to an equally lively bird further north. Just one long holiday you may ask; listen for yourself…Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love

Rae Morris – Getting Under Your Skin

Though you can presently buy either of the central and southern piers for a mere £8m combined – Rae Morris begets one home-spun sound that can’t be bought. The first track on her ‘Unguarded’ album is called ‘Skin’ and packs a vivid punch of musicality and imagery as sound and screen merge to create a Dali-esque abstract styling. The intro beholds a mechanised ‘ticking’ played to chime on the digital piano at the interval of a sixth: C   G F  G

The ‘tick’ develops to a dependable ostinato as Rae Morris enters with a descending melody of Verse 1:

 Am                                 F          Am    C

’Deep in the core of broken one, I spy the light of a wounded sun’’ etc

From Blackpool With Love  

The storyline continues to unfold and steers gently into the chorus now with heavier accompaniment and a grown-up, philosophical message that nod to the Kate Bush School of ideology:

                           Dm              C                              F

’We break the rules and listen to our own skin’’ etc

All You Need Is Love’ has no such musical depths other than that of its rousing chorus and though mined with endearment by Rae Morris does not come from the same bottomless ocean of thought as her own sculpted compositions. Indeed, the best thing to come out of Blackpool for a long time is this tasteful stick of rock and pop.

Janet Redwood

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