Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn

Meghan Trainor, singer-songwriter extraordinaire she may be – but some think she still has a lot to learn. Having parked ‘All About That Bass’’ as a successful global hit, Meghan Trainor is focusing on the next song in her quirky repertoire in the shape of ‘Dear Future Husband’. Released last month reviews have been mixed as our doo-wop diva sets out her pre-nuptial wish list of do’s and don’ts to survive the marriage. A brass-necked little ditty from a girl who can’t cook; deserves a bae and demands flowers … so in the words of Adam Ant – ‘’What do you do?’’. Well, the digital piano ‘plinks’ are a sure sign that Meghan Trainor has got a bit of musical growing up to do but my roving eye does admire the deep rasping maturity of that baritone sax!    Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn

Dear Future Husband’ Origins

Having already stated that the baritone sax ‘grunt’ in the bass clef is the one for me; there’s lots more to commend this song despite its sexist leanings. Meghan Trainor may not bring any apple pie to the table but the strummed ukelele and crackling vinyl intro starts a retro journey filled with decadence and curiosity for the listener. Digital piano chords and a ‘dragged’ instrumental score featuring brass, baritone sax and rhythm section lends a nod to Dion & The Belmonts as their ‘Runaround Sue’ of ’61 highlights strong similarities of phrasing, melodic shape and vocal delivery:

Db                                                            Bbm

’Dear future husband, Here’s a few things

Gb                            Ab                                          Db

You’ll need to know if you wanna be my one and only all my life’’

Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn

Runaround Sue’ has the exact chord progression executed by the same instrumental line-up (bar the ukelele intro) from baritone sax, digital piano chord progression to doo wop backing vocals:

   Db                                                      Bbm

‘’Here’s my story, it’s sad but true, It’s about a girl that I once knew

Gb                                                               Ab

She took my love, then ran around With every single guy in town’’

So marks for ‘Dear Future Husband’ originality? I think Meghan Trainor is giving us the run around.                                                                                                                      Janet Redwood

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