Electrocute – Playing With Their Toys

Electrocute is sending out its own brand of shock waves as the German duo team up with Argos this spring. The electro-rock bands track ‘Tiger Toy’ featuring hip-hop artist Lady Tigra is helping Argos to take off in their latest TV promo Balloons. The thirty-seven second short burst reveals a Home Event extravaganza as an equally frenzied display of balloon bursts reveals an array of colourful goodies for the home. Nicole Morier and Legs Le Brock add their touch of Electrocute as the retro digital piano delivers a retro organ riff that synchronises playfully with the pops and props.  This light-hearted approach to the hard sell is just one step away from the kitsch Popcorn track of ’69 when moog was king and reigned over the digital piano world. Electrocute are switched on to the same vintage buzz in much of their repertoire though for me ‘Tiger Toy’ leads the way in their slightly OCD play-time hits. Electrocute – Playing With Their Toys

Electrocute – A Roaring Success

The lyrical content of ‘Tiger Toy’ is secondary to the digital piano organ-based riff but nonetheless it all holds together as the duo shouts and flouts their way through the track with their nod to Bananarama:

C- C  Eb-  Eb  F- F / Eb F F# G C-

From the onset rhythm is a dominant element in ‘Tiger Toy’ as an energetic synth motif kicks off the track joined by exacting drum machine beat, gyrating bassline and low key Electrocute chanted vocals:

C C’ A Bb AABb AABb C C’

’’Late at night scratching the door, wanting a lover on the chase’’ etc

The Purr-fect Duo

Electrocute sharpen their claws and head for the chorus where digital piano sounds intersperse with semi-whispered vocals:

’Out for the kill stalking her prey. The fortunate ones never get away’’ etc

Argos and Electrocute: a fun-loving display of ‘Tiger Toy’ with their killer combination.


Janet Redwood

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