Chairmen Of The Board Call The Shots

Chairmen of the Board have been given a little more time to air their ‘70s soul single. As Wimbledon is moved on by a week to ensure tennis ‘peak’ after the French Open; so Chairmen of the Board follow with their track ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’. As a pre-amble to this beautiful, unsullied game the soul classic is presently used by Robinsons Juice Company to endorse their latest ‘Growing up fast’ advert that in turn sponsor Wimbledon. Chairmen of the Board enjoyed much success with ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ some decades ago with the spotlight on yearning frontman General Johnson and backed by a motivic digital piano scoring, wind and strings. Let the game begin…Chairmen Of The Board

Chairmen of the Board – Game On

The galloping energy of ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ had its listener on the edge of their seats back in the day. The opening blast of sound from punctuated trumpet and sax, backed by a buoyant digital piano rhythm drives from the onset with the chorus firmly laid down:

   C                                             Am          F                               G

‘’Give me just a little more time, And our love will surely grow’’

General Johnson gave the soul track its signatory vocal affectations that distanced ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ from other run-of-the-mill Motown tracks by adding rasps, purrs and stammers and momentary pauses that contrasted with the dotted rhythms of the prominent digital piano accompaniment.

Less Than Purr-fect Match

Kylie Minogue mined the Chairmen of the Board track in 1992 but with little change to the original. She emulated the purr-ing of General Johnson but apart from a frisky video to compensate; she did it little justice. More time needed to perfect I think.

So it looks like Chairmen of the Board are calling all the shots. They have their own deuce with all the advantages. Win-win I’d say.


Janet Redwood

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