Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well

Howard Jones is a UK singer songwriter who hails from the 80’s. Those of us old enough to remember the synth-pop legend knew him well then and salute his stalwart artistry as he continues to ride the music air waves today. June will see Howard Jones live in concert in Manchester; just one of a long line-up of performing venues this boy of the hills will be attending. Not complete without his digital piano, things can only get better for Howard Jones as he dons his repertoire of yesteryear that includes revered hits ‘What  Is Love?’ and ‘Like To Get Toy Know You Well’ to a crowd of today. How-ard can it be? Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well Continue reading “Howard Jones – Getting To Know You Well”

Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn

Meghan Trainor, singer-songwriter extraordinaire she may be – but some think she still has a lot to learn. Having parked ‘All About That Bass’’ as a successful global hit, Meghan Trainor is focusing on the next song in her quirky repertoire in the shape of ‘Dear Future Husband’. Released last month reviews have been mixed as our doo-wop diva sets out her pre-nuptial wish list of do’s and don’ts to survive the marriage. A brass-necked little ditty from a girl who can’t cook; deserves a bae and demands flowers … so in the words of Adam Ant – ‘’What do you do?’’. Well, the digital piano ‘plinks’ are a sure sign that Meghan Trainor has got a bit of musical growing up to do but my roving eye does admire the deep rasping maturity of that baritone sax!    Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn Continue reading “Meghan Trainor – A Lot To Learn”

Chairmen Of The Board Call The Shots

Chairmen of the Board have been given a little more time to air their ‘70s soul single. As Wimbledon is moved on by a week to ensure tennis ‘peak’ after the French Open; so Chairmen of the Board follow with their track ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’. As a pre-amble to this beautiful, unsullied game the soul classic is presently used by Robinsons Juice Company to endorse their latest ‘Growing up fast’ advert that in turn sponsor Wimbledon. Chairmen of the Board enjoyed much success with ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ some decades ago with the spotlight on yearning frontman General Johnson and backed by a motivic digital piano scoring, wind and strings. Let the game begin…Chairmen Of The Board Continue reading “Chairmen Of The Board Call The Shots”

Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Knock On Wood Tribute

Booker T. & the M.G.’s are a distinctive instrumental band from the 60’s that brought a unique sound to the airwaves. Best known for their energetic Calypso-styled track ‘Soul Limbo’, any self-respecting cricket fan would instantly recognise the opening ‘ting’ of the 4-bar rhythm  as being that of Booker T. & the M.G.’s trademark. Led by nimble-fingered frontman Booker T. Jones on organ or digital piano, the band comprised of guitar, bass and drums with the additional scoring of marimba that gave ‘Soul Limbo’ that fusion flavour.  As a salute to the recent passing of Richie Benaud, International cricketer and commentator, we knock our tins cans together with that all time classic rhythm that became a legendary motif in the world of knock on wood.  Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Knock On Wood Tribute Continue reading “Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Knock On Wood Tribute”

Electrocute – Playing With Their Toys

Electrocute is sending out its own brand of shock waves as the German duo team up with Argos this spring. The electro-rock bands track ‘Tiger Toy’ featuring hip-hop artist Lady Tigra is helping Argos to take off in their latest TV promo Balloons. The thirty-seven second short burst reveals a Home Event extravaganza as an equally frenzied display of balloon bursts reveals an array of colourful goodies for the home. Nicole Morier and Legs Le Brock add their touch of Electrocute as the retro digital piano delivers a retro organ riff that synchronises playfully with the pops and props.  This light-hearted approach to the hard sell is just one step away from the kitsch Popcorn track of ’69 when moog was king and reigned over the digital piano world. Electrocute are switched on to the same vintage buzz in much of their repertoire though for me ‘Tiger Toy’ leads the way in their slightly OCD play-time hits. Electrocute – Playing With Their Toys Continue reading “Electrocute – Playing With Their Toys”

Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie

Don McLean sold a slice of his American Pie as a healthy $1.2 million dollars changed hands at Christie’s Auction House in New York yesterday.  ‘’A meagre crust’’ doters of the 70’s folk rocker might say who feel they have shares in this ‘’book of love’’ with its overspill of six poetic verses, reflective teachings and an overt reference to Buddy Holly, James Dean et al. In purchasing the American Pie manuscripts the anonymous recipient would apparently have the Don McLean mystery revealed to him as they climb into the legend’s head; engaging on a lyrical journey that goes far beyond the page. With closely shadowing digital piano scoring to accompany from the onset, Don McLean has ‘’The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost’’ to watch his music never dies.Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie Continue reading “Don McLean Sells A Slice Of His Pie”

The Jukebox Musical – A Backward Glance

The Jukebox Musical has been in vogue as both stage and film forms long before I was in short trousers and then some. From the earliest staged performance in 1975 of folk singer Harry Chaplin through to the present rapturous response to Carole King’s ‘Beautiful’ – it would seem that the compilation of previous popular songs into a musical score is the way to entertain. Whether it’s guitar in hand like Chaplin or seated at the digital piano as was King’s requite, the Jukebox Musical is a channel of easy entertainment that cites the repertoire of a bygone artist or era. From Abba to the Bee Gees, Elvis to The Four Seasons; they’ve all had their golden oldies translated into a shiny new stage experience where revival is revered.  So what’s your Jukebox Musical favourite? Here’s a couple from my retro repertoire of the Carole King ilk where I look forward to looking back…Jukebox Musical Continue reading “The Jukebox Musical – A Backward Glance”

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’ is the title of a song written by George and Ira Gershwin in the decadent 30’s. Originally written for the film ‘Shall We Dance’ of ’37; its popularity has soared as an independent track of amusement and jollity that pokes fun at class distinction. The song was beautifully tailored to the dandy couple the day of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers who shared both duet and the roller-skating rink with their bedazzling execution of song and shimmy. Several decades have seen equally bewitching vocal covers from the likes of legends Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, Mel Torme and instrumental arrangements recognisable for their same accented banter of the verse material.Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off! Continue reading “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”

Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love

Rae Morris is the best attraction to come out of Blackpool at the moment – and she rocks. The singer-songwriter has her own set of landmark skills and can rustle up a gooey-eyed pop ballad accompanied by pertinent digital piano scoring in no time. Rae Morris is presently flying a flag over her own sandcastle in the sky by way of her debut album ‘Unguarded’ which dons twelve tracks of equal musical integrity and artistic merit starting with its first listed track ‘Skin’. Of course let’s not forget the resurrected Rae Morris cover of the Lennon-McCartney ‘All You Need Is Love’ to add to her collection of souvenirs which has flown gracefully from iconic Liver nerds to an equally lively bird further north. Just one long holiday you may ask; listen for yourself…Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love Continue reading “Rae Morris – From Blackpool With Love”

Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners

Tom Odell is back as the ultimate plonker as he stomps his way through his track ‘Can’t Pretend’ with all the passion and rage of a thwarted lover. Don’t worry, his long-suffering digital piano will recover as Tom Odell finds his way back from yet another stay at a heartbreak hotel; but this time the learning curve was steeper.Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners Continue reading “Tom Odell – One Of Life’s Learners”