Saint Motel – Your Type?

Saint Motel is here for the long stay. The four-piece US band likes to experiment with cross-boundary genres from dream pop to indie rock; so to pigeon-hole the group is futile. A/J Jackson fronts the quartet singing lead vocals and playing guitar or digital piano with the usual lead guitar, bass and drums played respectively by Aaron Sharp, Dak and Greg Erwin. Though the track ‘My Type’ of 2014 may be the youngest addition to the Saint Motel repertoire it has had a healthy airing as part of several TV campaigns including phones 4U and the EA Sports soundtrack Fifa 15. In addition, the TV service ‘Now’ is presently launching its entertainment package with the Saint Motel track right at the heart of its campaign. With its heady jazz-based saxophone motif energising the song throughout, Saint Motel may just be your type! Saint Motel – Your Type?

Saint Motel Stereotype?

This is definitely not a stereotype sound as Saint Motel deliver ‘My Type’ with all the retro might the four-piece can muster. Its eclectic fusion takes from the far and wide starting with a nasally saxophone burst that could be a landmark riff for the future:

C Eb G F Eb F C,     C Eb G F Eb F Eb C

Syncopated hand claps join in and the cited riff wall is thickened by unison trumpets, African percussion and digital piano chords played on organ to add that tropical flavour. The intro is an extensive piece of scoring that opens the floodgates for Verse 1 and the signatory Saint Motel pragmatic-styled lyrics lead by A/J/Jackson:

                                               Cm                                             F

‘’Take a look around the room, love comes wearing disguises’’ etc

Very Specific Taste

The concoction of East-meets-West with its diverse ingredients takes ‘My Type’ into a different zone that culminates at the semi-sung chorus:


‘’You-you-you’re just my type’’ etc

The Saint Motel taste is a specific one that shouts of vintage passages from Britpop songs of the 90’s as glam, pop and all that jazz, clamber for that shock of the new. As for Saint Motel – they’re no stereotype.

Janet Redwood

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