Robin Beck – A Peck From Coca-Cola

Robin Beck, US singer first kissed the Coco-Cola bottle back in 1987 as she sang hit wonder ‘First Time’. The pop rock genre remains the same energetic influence today as US performer Gedina delivers her cover version of the Robin Beck original with a fizz and a kiss. Coca-Cola’s latest launch ‘Kiss Happiness’ refers to the moment your lips touch the bottle so musically the giant drinks conglomerate has stayed in the same musical realm as they did three decades previously totalling a female home-spun sound backed by arabesque guitar tweaks, digital piano chords and stomping back beat. This way the Robin Beck genius stays inside the bottle – clever Coca-Cola!Robin Beck – A Peck From Coca-ColaRobin Beck – A Peck From Coca-Cola

Robin Beck Original

First Time’ was originally released as a backdrop for the Coca-Cola on-screen campaign and then one year later unleashed on the global airwaves; with Germany embracing the hit more than any other country. The soft rock track began with a ballad feel played on digital piano as synth waves donned the stage followed by portamento lead guitar frills. A smoky ambience was topped with the gritty vocals of Robin Beck:

Am             F               G

’First time, first love, oh what a feeling is this’’ etc

Robbed And De-Robed

A rather lewd video accompanied an electronic version of the Robin Beck ‘First Time’ by dance troop Sunblock, as whirring digital piano sounds and rotating disco balls drove the less than tastefully mined cover.

Gedina – A Fizzin’ Copy?  

The Gedina version of ‘First Time’ begins with a less enigmatic intro as the Robin Beck original with a stomping back beat to boot up the action. The whole proceeding is a much more raucous affair with male ‘’Yeah’’ chants and simplified guitar and digital piano scoring. Gedina uses her vocal range to acrobatic proportions as she swings through the registers showing her vocal agility:

                                  Am  F G

’For the very first time’’

Gedina certainly breathes new life into a Coca-Cola standard and ‘Kiss Happiness’ sends a backward peck to Robin Beck.                                                                       Janet Redwood

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