Rixton – Carry On Sampling?

Rixton, the foursome pop band from Manchester reckon all they need is a little love in their lives. Their hit track ‘’Me And My Broken Heart’’ was co-written by no less than five members so if that’s not sharing the love – I don’t know what is! Released as their debut single in the spring of 2014 Rixton has enjoyed attention throughout the industry since that time though some have criticised the quartet for their over-zealous use of eclectic repertoire and in this case it’s more than a proportionate nod to Rob Thomas’ track of 2005 ‘’Lonely No More’’. The chorus of both songs certainly shares the same chord sequence and melody line though Rixton has smoothed out the roRixton – Carry On Sampling?ck-funk feel with their own ballad-styling of stomped digital piano chords. But there’s sampling; and there’s sampling …

Rixton – A Broken Record?

It would seem that although Rixton cling to their primitive beginnings of composing in a caravan they can’t be excused by all for their massive overdose of cover material. Their ‘take’ from ‘Lonely No More’ is exactly that endorsed by Rob Thomas giving the band a literal ‘lift’ with his name on the label to avoid any litigation. Let’s take a look at the chorus lead by male vocals and accompanied pre-dominantly by stacked digital piano chords:

 Am                    Dm                         G                                       C                  Am

  ‘All I need’s a little love in my life, All I needs a little love in the dark’’ etc

‘Lonely No More’ – Rob or Robbed?

Ok, so Rixton is trying to add a little light-hearted glam and a hint of reggae to their take but it is an exact copy; right down to the ‘Woe’s at the end of the chorus. And Rob Thomas’ original:

Am                                  Dm                 G                                             C               G

‘’I don’t want to be lonely no more, I don’t want to have to pay for this’’ etc

Even Dido’s ‘Thank You’ and the soundtrack to ‘One In A Million’ (Miss Congeniality) have their comparisons. As we seem to have made sampling an accepted art form then carry on Rixton.

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