Raffertie – A Colourful Future

Raffertie is presently caught up in the rainbow war as Dulux fights its corner for colours of the future. The British composer and producer add his own touch of electronic music entitled ‘Colourless Future’ to the swathe of white that is dominating the world. The Dulux advert is set as a futuristic scape where colour is banned but for the underground going over ground. Raffertie shows his own brush of genius as the droids of White City pursue a colour violation in sector 60 and spasmodic electronic impulses slowly gather to formulate a rainbow of musical colour played out on the digital piano. There’s revolution in the colour wheel of tomorrow as white has had its today. Then there’s Raffertie; sketching his own future…Raffertie – A Colourful Future

Raffertie And Paint Wars

The advert begins ‘Once upon a time in the future’… as we see colour outlawed and everything sprayed to the order of holistic white. The Raffertie backdrop is slow and perfunctory as a sporadic peppering of mechanical lilts and growls exude from the bass of the digital piano:

’I see the sun rise, The colour change’’

A rebellious female runs unabashed into our colour-seeking hero she drops a splash of colour on his shoe. By now the authorities have been alerted and the two run for cover in the underground city of colour.

Painting A Changing Picture

Raffertie picks up the tempo to his ‘Colourlesss Future’ as it pulsates and glows with energy and defiant repeated sounds ring out. Melody may be quelled but the rhythmic force is compelling as our colour-seeker looks around the hidden city – awash with rebellious colour. As the two outlandish leaders spray the walls of their underground kingdom with a mild mix of terracotta a new day dawns; synth strings and brass join in the triumphant regain as Raffertie takes his digital piano scoring to new heights and the people of the underground look ahead to a brighter future of … well … terracotta!

Raffertie has his own musical story to tell and can paint it any colour of the futuristic rainbow he chooses. Just check the tin!


Janet Redwood

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