Michi Besler – The Perfect Serve

Michi Besler is presently the word on many a musicians lips; to say nothing of those drinking beer from the Belgian brewers. We’re used to seeing Stella Artois come up with the latest and best when it comes to its advertising campaigns but the company’s regular service has been elevated to a perfect serve courtesy of the German Eardrum music and sound agency. Michi Besler has written the short-but-sweet 29 bar etude of digital piano music that eloquently synchronises with a poolside scene of customer and waiter. From pure delight to pure genius; it’s picture-perfect at the poolside. This is Michi Besler; service with a smile.Michi Besler – The Perfect Serve

The Perfect Serve

Set in a boutique hotel surrounded by sunshine and the best of everything our lady and her ‘wants’ are something to set your watch by. At a given time on the dot she descends the stairs and makes her way to the poolside via the bar. The waiter knows her tipple and pours her beer exacting the head with an impromptu slice of his knife ensuring a clean sip from a frothy head.

Michi Besler At The Poolside

With the same expert precision Michi Besler nimbly delivers his digital piano etude played with nimble fingers poised at an allegro gallop. The music heralds a scherzo-type melody that belies the waiter’s skill and humorous endeavour to produce the tidiest totty for his costumer. Played in E major the cheeky quaver-based ditty is enhanced by its execution in the upper register with step-wise notation, 2-bar phrasing and ritardando chords spread at poignant moments in the action:

C# D# E F# E D# C# C# G# G#,  C# D# E D# E F#,    G# A G# A G# D# C#     

Our lady of equally nimble proportions to the digital piano accompaniment glides from stairway to bar to poolside with effortless beguile as our waiter remains eager to serve this ‘’thing of beauty’’.

No script, no fuss; Michi Besler serves his music on the cool side

Janet Redwood   

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