Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word

Lucy Spraggan is a singer-songwriter who just like the water – springs from Buxton. Famed for her storytelling lyrics that flow with a similar ease Lucy quickly spreads the word from ‘Last Night’ to ‘Tea and Toast’. With guitar in hand Lucy Spraggan has to date had that Victoria Wood presence with a slightly awkward lean and deliberated Northern accent, but her more recent track written specially for Simply Be shows a greater flexibility that sets our singer-songwriter apart. As the wardrobe giant launches its new season of ‘must-have wares’ Lucy Spraggan springs into action; this time accompanied by digital piano and giving a softer line to the protagonist image to date. Written just for the Simply Be campaign, this hazier, more feminine take on life has put this damsel firmly in the spotlight. Short jingle or nay Lucy Spraggan knows how to ad-dress the nation and she’s spreading the word. Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word

Simply Be – Simply Put

This backdrop track may only be a self-styled thirty second ditty but it’s got everyone curious as to when the full length version will be available; as the pop-up cutie brings a light-hearted glow to the onset of spring. The digital piano begins with nimbly stacked chords that make the framework for this Lucy Spraggan branding:

Bb                            Eb                                    Bb                                           F

‘’My spring has sprung and I’m passing it on. Being you is so ‘in’ this season’’ etc

Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word

The track travels to the bridge section where vocal ‘Aahs’ add an ethereal touch to the surreal setting of beauty and the ideal:

   Eb                                         Bb                                                   Eb                Bb

‘’Love your life and your style, It’s how you’re feeling inside, You are worth it and all you do’’ etc

The song concludes as it returns to the original digital piano introduction with a skip in its step and gentle back beat.  It looks like spring has sprung from the well of Lucy Spraggan!  



Janet Redwood

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