Icona Pop – Bursting With Flavour

Icona Pop is a concentrate of two Swedish female vocalists Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. The duo is best known for their hit electropop track of 2013 ’I Love It’ featuring co-writer Charlie XCX. The semi-sung, semi-shouted chorus is a mantra for many a rebellious teenager with its loutish message of non- compliance and dare-to lyrics. The Icona Pop signatory digital piano sound is of equal merit as its thick vibrating synth wall buzz their way crudely through the track to a stomping back beat. ‘I Love It’ is the backdrop sound to Volvic’s latest ‘Juiced’ with drink and duo making a sublime combination as mineral water and juice burst, squirt and belch with fruitiness.Icona Pop – Bursting With Flavour

The Charlie XCX Additive

UK artist Charlie XCX can always be found as an add-on to the Icona Pop ‘I Love It’. She wrote the song despite the content not befitting her own genre and it was hence passed on to our Swedish damsels. Icona Pop recognised the punky pertness of their own identities and made the song their own. The digital piano instrumental became an iconic landmark for electronica-meets-pop and ‘I Love It’ became a revered combo of retro and now.

Icona Pop – Not Sugar-Coating

Our Swedish duo doesn’t sugar-coat their lyrics as they sing of a dysfunctional relationship with less than feminine beguile:

                          Am                                           Bb

‘’You’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way’’ etc

Juiced, Set And Matched

Crashing cars and two opposing views from the 70’s and 90’s see the song drive on to the equally bombastic chorus where Icona Pop cuts out the cute and a wave of bad-tempered unison vocals and a tsunami of digital piano frenzy takes control:

Chorus    G                                    C                

‘’I don’t care, I love it, I don’t care, I love it’’ etc

As Volvic mineral water is juiced, set and matched so pop goes the fruit in this advert of head-on pulp collision. Icona Pop – not a bad name for a fizzin’ drink!

Janet Redwood

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