Raffertie – A Colourful Future

Raffertie is presently caught up in the rainbow war as Dulux fights its corner for colours of the future. The British composer and producer add his own touch of electronic music entitled ‘Colourless Future’ to the swathe of white that is dominating the world. The Dulux advert is set as a futuristic scape where colour is banned but for the underground going over ground. Raffertie shows his own brush of genius as the droids of White City pursue a colour violation in sector 60 and spasmodic electronic impulses slowly gather to formulate a rainbow of musical colour played out on the digital piano. There’s revolution in the colour wheel of tomorrow as white has had its today. Then there’s Raffertie; sketching his own future…Raffertie – A Colourful Future Continue reading “Raffertie – A Colourful Future”

Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word

Lucy Spraggan is a singer-songwriter who just like the water – springs from Buxton. Famed for her storytelling lyrics that flow with a similar ease Lucy quickly spreads the word from ‘Last Night’ to ‘Tea and Toast’. With guitar in hand Lucy Spraggan has to date had that Victoria Wood presence with a slightly awkward lean and deliberated Northern accent, but her more recent track written specially for Simply Be shows a greater flexibility that sets our singer-songwriter apart. As the wardrobe giant launches its new season of ‘must-have wares’ Lucy Spraggan springs into action; this time accompanied by digital piano and giving a softer line to the protagonist image to date. Written just for the Simply Be campaign, this hazier, more feminine take on life has put this damsel firmly in the spotlight. Short jingle or nay Lucy Spraggan knows how to ad-dress the nation and she’s spreading the word. Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word Continue reading “Lucy Spraggan Spreads The Word”

Robin Beck – A Peck From Coca-Cola

Robin Beck, US singer first kissed the Coco-Cola bottle back in 1987 as she sang hit wonder ‘First Time’. The pop rock genre remains the same energetic influence today as US performer Gedina delivers her cover version of the Robin Beck original with a fizz and a kiss. Coca-Cola’s latest launch ‘Kiss Happiness’ refers to the moment your lips touch the bottle so musically the giant drinks conglomerate has stayed in the same musical realm as they did three decades previously totalling a female home-spun sound backed by arabesque guitar tweaks, digital piano chords and stomping back beat. This way the Robin Beck genius stays inside the bottle – clever Coca-Cola!Robin Beck – A Peck From Coca-Cola Continue reading “Robin Beck – A Peck From Coca-Cola”

The Script – Top Of St. Pat’s Playlist

The Script is one of many Irish bands to find themselves on my St. Patrick’s Day playlist. Despite Hozier being at the top (sorry boys) and having already written a blog on him quite recently; I thought I’d tip a wink to St. Patrick’s Day with a paler shade of green. The Script is a three-piece pop rock band from Dublin and tonight they’ll be celebrating with a concert in Germany and though green may be their colour but they’ll paint the town red I’m sure!  From their debut ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ to ‘Hall Of Fame’ The Script knows how to write a song with its own name clearly on the wall. Their routine instrumental line up is set apart by storytelling lyrics and a succinctly woven digital piano thread that adds further charm to their enigmatic pull. So I wish this The Script all the luck of the Irish on this Patrick’s Day – young they may be; but not so green… The Script – Top Of St. Pat’s Playlist Continue reading “The Script – Top Of St. Pat’s Playlist”

Saint Motel – Your Type?

Saint Motel is here for the long stay. The four-piece US band likes to experiment with cross-boundary genres from dream pop to indie rock; so to pigeon-hole the group is futile. A/J Jackson fronts the quartet singing lead vocals and playing guitar or digital piano with the usual lead guitar, bass and drums played respectively by Aaron Sharp, Dak and Greg Erwin. Though the track ‘My Type’ of 2014 may be the youngest addition to the Saint Motel repertoire it has had a healthy airing as part of several TV campaigns including phones 4U and the EA Sports soundtrack Fifa 15. In addition, the TV service ‘Now’ is presently launching its entertainment package with the Saint Motel track right at the heart of its campaign. With its heady jazz-based saxophone motif energising the song throughout, Saint Motel may just be your type! Saint Motel – Your Type? Continue reading “Saint Motel – Your Type?”

Sam Smith – Coming Up Noses

For Sam Smith everything is coming up noses as he and John Legend don their snouts with a red nose and perform a double act. It’s all in aid of Comic Relief as UK soul singer and US singer-songwriter combine talents to recreate the Sam Smith soul track ‘Lay Me Down’. The result is a union of two musical minds as ethereal vocals and tender digital piano chords entwine. The Comic Relief Day theme ‘Face The Funny’ becomes ‘Face The Music’ as we all look deeper into the musical message of supporting others as John reaffirms his legendary status and Sam Smith comes up smelling of noses.  Sam Smith – Coming Up Noses Continue reading “Sam Smith – Coming Up Noses”

Icona Pop – Bursting With Flavour

Icona Pop is a concentrate of two Swedish female vocalists Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. The duo is best known for their hit electropop track of 2013 ’I Love It’ featuring co-writer Charlie XCX. The semi-sung, semi-shouted chorus is a mantra for many a rebellious teenager with its loutish message of non- compliance and dare-to lyrics. The Icona Pop signatory digital piano sound is of equal merit as its thick vibrating synth wall buzz their way crudely through the track to a stomping back beat. ‘I Love It’ is the backdrop sound to Volvic’s latest ‘Juiced’ with drink and duo making a sublime combination as mineral water and juice burst, squirt and belch with fruitiness.Icona Pop – Bursting With Flavour Continue reading “Icona Pop – Bursting With Flavour”

Kwabs – Taking His Walk In His Stride

Kwabs knows how to walk; with a stylish swagger and feeling ten feet tall. The British singer with Ghanaian roots had his feet firmly on the terrafirma as he delivered his debut single ‘Walk’ in autumn 2014 and though the global interest was initially slow, Kwabs turned a corner and kept on walking. Today, in 2015 the same R&B track still abides with a signatory hint of digital piano ‘plink plink’ electronica that can be found featuring on the Fifa 15 ‘Ultimate team’ soundtrack. Similarly, a cleverly-compiled advert from the ITV Encore channel showing the latest drama from ‘Dawn to dust’ reinforces the Kwabs ‘Walk’ backdrop as characters take the role in their stride.Kwabs – Taking His Walk In His Stride Continue reading “Kwabs – Taking His Walk In His Stride”

Michi Besler – The Perfect Serve

Michi Besler is presently the word on many a musicians lips; to say nothing of those drinking beer from the Belgian brewers. We’re used to seeing Stella Artois come up with the latest and best when it comes to its advertising campaigns but the company’s regular service has been elevated to a perfect serve courtesy of the German Eardrum music and sound agency. Michi Besler has written the short-but-sweet 29 bar etude of digital piano music that eloquently synchronises with a poolside scene of customer and waiter. From pure delight to pure genius; it’s picture-perfect at the poolside. This is Michi Besler; service with a smile.Michi Besler – The Perfect Serve Continue reading “Michi Besler – The Perfect Serve”

Rixton – Carry On Sampling?

Rixton, the foursome pop band from Manchester reckon all they need is a little love in their lives. Their hit track ‘’Me And My Broken Heart’’ was co-written by no less than five members so if that’s not sharing the love – I don’t know what is! Released as their debut single in the spring of 2014 Rixton has enjoyed attention throughout the industry since that time though some have criticised the quartet for their over-zealous use of eclectic repertoire and in this case it’s more than a proportionate nod to Rob Thomas’ track of 2005 ‘’Lonely No More’’. The chorus of both songs certainly shares the same chord sequence and melody line though Rixton has smoothed out the roRixton – Carry On Sampling?ck-funk feel with their own ballad-styling of stomped digital piano chords. But there’s sampling; and there’s sampling … Continue reading “Rixton – Carry On Sampling?”