Chloe Black – 27 And Counting

Chloe Black has got herself caught up in the recent numbers game; if it’s not 50 shades or 88 keys it’s 27 years! Her self-styled goth ’n’ soul number entitled ’27 Club’ cites the iconic musicians Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin; all who died at the same young and tender age. ’27 Club’ is a Chloe Black debut track that will appeal to all those Lana Del Ray enthusiasts with its sultry alto vocals that deliberate and slur yet are clad with intriguing storylines accompanied by moody digital piano theatrics. DCI Banks has his back well covered as the crime drama returns with this splendid Chloe Black stir-‘em-up track that reveals the darker side from both man and music.Chloe Black – 27 And Counting Continue reading “Chloe Black – 27 And Counting”

Solomon Grey – Under The Spell

Solomon Grey has us all under its spell as the soundtrack stars to J. K. Rowling’s post-Potter one to watch. Whilst ‘The Casual Vacancy’; a 3-part drama develops its setting from quaint village to tribal warfare, we the viewers are presently sandwiched and ready for the final episode this coming Sunday. Whilst the folk of Pagford fight for the vacant seat on the Parish Council, the mesmerising music of Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson has us all gripped with tracks including ’Last Century Man’ and ‘Firebird’; the latter fuelled with images of a rising Phoenix. With its timely peppering of haunting falsetto vocals and digital piano zeal The Casual Vacancy is not all jam and Jerusalem as Solomon Grey scores for ghostbusters from a different time.   Solomon Grey - Under The Spell Continue reading “Solomon Grey – Under The Spell”

The Overtones – Painting The Town

The Overtones are a quintet of male singers who like to harmonise whilst literally painting the town. The 5-piece a capella band were spotted in 2010 as they brushed with fate whilst working as an ensemble of decorators; singing their way through their lunch break. The Overtones style is made-up of fresh-faced young lads whose soul base is mixed with 50’s doo-wop, R&B and a splash of pop. Colourful jettisons of digital piano, sax, trumpet and distinct vocal layers trademark their undercoat and together with vintage repertoire result in an eclectic makeover of past and present. Having recently heard The Overtones revival sound ‘’Do You like Good Music’’ with its retro hark back to the 60s – I’ve decided I do!   The Overtones - Painting The Town Continue reading “The Overtones – Painting The Town”

‘P’ Is For The P-40 Digital Piano

The Chase P-40 Digital Piano is the latest addition to the popular P-Piano range. From a black or white exterior to an XX or L package you can enjoy practicing, performing and parading your P-40 with pride as ‘P’ is for piano. With a generous digital piano bundle as part of the mid to high end; the P-40 is an ideal keyboard for the beginner of all ages and a pragmatic solution to the overwhelming range currently available. With functions and sounds that make piano-playing fun, the P-40 is the ‘P’ for perfect choice as your digital piano.   Chase P-40 Digital Piano Continue reading “‘P’ Is For The P-40 Digital Piano”

Playing Nicely on The AP-260

The Casio AP-260 lends itself to the term ‘play nicely’ as you simply couldn’t do anything else! This introductory model to the Celviano digital piano range is a sheer joy to behold and represents a new age of technology and traditional design that together make for the perfect partnership. Whether you play nicely going solo or together as a duo, this stalwart digital piano will see you through from beginner to advanced level. So why not befriend the Casio AP-260 and play nicely for life! Casio Celviano AP-260 Digital Piano Continue reading “Playing Nicely on The AP-260”

Come Out To Play With The Casio PX-760, 860 & AP-260

‘’Boys and Girls come out to play’’ is a nursery rhyme that dates back to 1708 but those street playfellows didn’t have the benefits of a modern world where the Casio Digital Piano PX-760, 860 and AP-260 are better than any form of past-time entertainment. There are many versions of this child ballad all suggesting that work is apportioned to the daylight hours and play for the late evening ‘’The moon doth shine as bright as day’’. Having left these day of yore behind us; girls and boys can today have equal measures of fun playing the Casio PX-760, 860 and AP-260 as the modern world and the turn-table spin side-by-side! So why not come out to play in the comfort of your own home…Casio PX 760 Continue reading “Come Out To Play With The Casio PX-760, 860 & AP-260”

The Casio AP-260 Season – It’s All In the Genes

The Casio AP-260 is the latest Celviano on the high street and at a time when some flaunt their figure in nothing more than a pair of Calvin’s – Casio also knows a thing oCasio AP-260 Digital Pianor two about how to get noticed. With its stylish, elegant cabinet and dark, good looks the exterior of the Casio AP-260 tempts you closer and its internal technology of this digital piano will beguile you further. So if you’re a dedicated follower of keyboard fashion then walk this way for the hip new model that will fit your bill. So let’s see why no well-dressed musician should be without this little black number… Continue reading “The Casio AP-260 Season – It’s All In the Genes”

There’s A Casio AP-260 For That!

‘’There’s an app for that’’ is a tag that’s applied to most marketable items these days but if you want a digital piano that sells itself – then there really is an app for that! The Casio AP-260 is the first in a digital piano line-up from The Celviano range and provides unparalleled appeal for the pianist to date. If you want to be ‘hands on’ with the latest digital piano technology combined with a truly inspirational grand-piano-quality sound then try the latest Casio AP-260 and see what the appliance of science combined with music can do for you! Casio AP-260 Digital Piano Continue reading “There’s A Casio AP-260 For That!”

Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask

Daft Punk first got their name when a negative review deemed their music ‘’a daft punky thrash’’. The French duo de Homem-Christo and Bangalter were at the time looking for a name to front their new ‘90s house sound and so these brazen musicians took the negative and turned it on its head! When we think of Daft Punk today their music is still characterised by the iconic ‘zub’ of the digital piano; synthesiser-based music fused with house, ritualistic images and the sci-fi experience. The ‘dark’ stage image of helmets and gloves still holds fast as the robotic nature of Daft Punk music and ‘man as machine’ maintains its stronghold.Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask Continue reading “Daft Punk – The Music Behind The Mask”