Kate Davis – The Bass, The Bass And The Bass

For Kate Davis it’s the bottom line or nothing. For her it’s all about that bass, bass and bass. Kate Davis has been fiddling with great dexterity for some time now both on her violin and double bass. The latter is a particular love of hers as she fronts her jazz ensemble complete with upright bass in hand; singing her soulful American songs. Kate Davis makes up an empathetic trio, and often quartet comprising of digital piano, guitar and drum kit who all watch her every beat, bow and sway. The Kate Davis repertoire embraces a wide variety of genres from the Classical to jazz, pop and rock. Her signatory sound scans the vocal spectrum but Kate is most comfortable in the alto register where tracks like ‘It’s All About That Bass’ can be heard with a vocal swoop and swoon whilst gracefully performing her finger acrobatics that don the bass line.  Kate Davis – The Bass, The Bass And The Bass

’All About That Bass’’

Meghan Trainor first wrote ‘’All About That Bass’’ as her debut track earlier this summer. Its comical content is delivered by a sizable supporting bass line of digital piano chords and upright bass plucked in a easy pizzicato style. The doo wop and pop mix is completed with vocal harmonies, percussion and syncopated hand claps. Meghan Trainor sells her emphasis on the bass line and heads for the chorus with no trouble:

   Bm (2. E)

‘’I’m all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, no treble’’ x 2 etc

Kate Davis Figures It Out

Equally Kate Davis has it all figured out and can shake her booty in ‘’all the right places’’ whilst balancing her upright bass! This mined cove rides on the back of charm and tasteful musicality as the pop and doo wop style is transferred to a more relaxed jazz feel. The mood is just as playful and cheeky as Kate Davis delivers her vintage version of broad swagger backed by the nimble fingers of a digital piano and light-handed percussion and finger clicks.

This rendition shows a huge variety of skills from tempo changes to stylistic modulations. Kate Davis plays ‘bout her bass and sings no trouble.        – ‘’from the bottom to the top’’.

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