Gabrielle Aplin – A Mind Of Her Own

Gabrielle Aplin is one of the UK’s best as she as quietly mines away at the works of others. Her acoustic covers are safely moulded into an indie folk style lead by soft feminine whispers that no-one could ever object to. As a singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin likes to accompany her renditions on guitar, digital piano or drums and can be seen doing the same in her entourage of videos. From covers that include the work of celebrity artists Kate Perry, Paramour and Cold Play, Gabrielle Aplin also has a mind of her own as her revered original ‘Home’ testifies to. So whilst one half of Britain’s best is making records the other half is making soup by way of Cross & Blackwell and their latest TV ad. The sourcing of their soup ingredients takes us deep into the countryside where ‘Home’ becomes part of the pastoral setting and Gabrielle Aplin sets out her musical stall. This girl knows her onions.Gabrielle Aplin – A Mind Of Her Own

Gabrielle Aplin – A Mind Of Her own

‘Home’ begins with an acoustic guitar strumming its way through the introduction and preparing the way for a sweet female vocal line in the upper register:

                 F                                        Am

‘’I’m a phoenix in the water, A fish that’s learnt to fly’’ etc

Gabrielle Aplin unfolds her story into the second verse as a digital piano adds a simple layer of stacked chords that lead the track into a more dramatic dimension. Lyrical change follows ‘’with every small disaster’’ as a compliment of strings and choir-like vocals fill the chorus with thoughts of home:

                                   F                                               G

‘’Cause they say home is where your heart is set in’’ etc

From Others With Love

From original compositions to mined versions Gabrielle Aplin is equally at home with both. ‘The Power of Love’ is one such rendition that gave John Lewis a massive leg up in the Best Christmas Ad stakes of 2012 as this Frankie Goes To Hollywood resurrection rose like a phoenix. Complete with digital piano that heralded an intro reminiscent of Howard Blake’s ‘Snowman’ this folk ballad spirals around a simplistic chord progression that rocks. As the angelic voice of Gabrielle Aplin takes on a ‘’force from above’’ – she has a mind to make love her goal.

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