Elvis Costello – Pump It Up

Whilst Elvis Costello may be busy ‘Pump It Up’, Save The Children may have just dropped a stitch – if not a clanger. Despite all the best intentions going into the campaign for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ on December 12th you simply can’t pull the wool over the listener’s eyes as the ‘Pump It Up’ track seems less than appropriate. Though the Elvis Costello 70’s new wave track may have an ethereal organ riff played on the digital piano and doubled by an obedient lead guitar but the lyrical content is more than suggestive.

Meanwhile, the wonder woolly promo is set to raise money for the treatment of the Ebola epidemic; where people of all shapes and sizes will knit, decorate and don their woolly wears. But beyond Elvis Costello and his ‘Pump It Up’ aren’t there better song choices for Christmas Jumper Day? Baa Humbug!Elvis Costello – Pump It Up

The Whole Nine Yards

From sampling the guitar riff to the whole none yards, cover have been mined from ‘Pump It Up’ since nigh on its inception. The dark intro featuring a buzzing bass line and underlying percussion leads to a ‘slide’ from lead guitar to compliment the phrase. Organ chords played on digital piano join in the ascending semi-tonal tutti  of G G G# G# A A B B then 4 times legendary riff B B B Bb A to formulate the foundation for Elvis Costello known as ‘’Legs’’ to unfold his story and tangles his knock-kneed legs. The chorus follows the under par verse material with a sandwiched riff relief between sections:


‘’Pump It Up, When you don’t really need it, Pump it up. Until you can’t feel it’’ 

‘’Legs’’ And His Armless Fun?

Whilst ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ may be harmless fun Elvis Costello continues to sell his wears whilst his bad girl sells hers. Whether listening to his Muzak to spending time with his narcotic girlfriend; whilst it may not be Cost-ello-ing the earth – nor is ‘’Pump It Up’’s content sheepish. Oops!… a stitch in time comes to mind.

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