Zooey Deschanel – Sofa So Good

Zooey Deschanel is guaranteeing you a Christmas delivery as part of the DFS package. This up-coming actress and singer-songwriter adds an early sprinkling of seasonal cheer to the sofa company’s winter collection by way of ‘’A Very Important Thing To Do’’; a popular theme song from the Disney animation film Winnie The Pooh of 2011. With its light-hearted scoring lead by woodwind and digital piano, the chums of Pooh Corner set out on their adventures with a free pot of honey at the centre of their journey. So whilst you relax and sit it out, DFS and Zoeey Deschanel are busy planning ahead to make Christmas more comfortable which they believe is ‘’A Very Important Thing To Do’’. Zooey Deschanel - Sofa So Good

Keeping DFS Company

The track listing for ‘Winnie The Pooh’ is significant at eighteen songs with Zoeey Deschanel fronting five of them. At only forty-seven seconds ‘’A Very Important Thing To Do’’ has much ground to cover in conveying its round-up message to the Pooh crowd. The DFS promo begins with the spirit of Christmas giving as a present-laden mum enters the house clad with  gifts for the family to the cheeky call-and-response motifs from flute and glockenspiel. She sneaks up the stairs to the synchronised sounds of clacking percussion, pizzicato strings and digital piano stomps whose strident rhythms become the framework for the rest of the song as Zooey Deschanel leads with a gentle but persuasive vocal line:


‘’Come one, come two, come all. Everyone heed the call, There’s a very important thing’’etc

Zooey DeschanelSofa So Good

From cake making to pressie wrapping, the celebrations are well underway to the sounds of this track of simplicity and charm scored with two electric piano chords:


’Drop what you’re doing and come, Bumpity, Bumity Bum’’ etc

With the promise of a handmade sofa delivered before the big day – there’s plenty to get excited about as the chums of Pooh Corner gather round and the DFS advert culminates with more goodies hidden down the back of the sofa! Let’s hope that with all that planning ahead from DFS and Zooey Deschanel the outcome sits well – sofa so good.

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