Whinnie Williams – Calm But Bright?

Whinnie Williams has got many of The Jam fans in a pickle with her mined rendition of the 80’s punk rockers track ‘’That’s Entertainment’’. Her child-like prose can be heard as the back-drop sound to Renaults present Zoe advertising promo as their latest car model swans through the city to an ‘All is calm’ signature sound. Loyal fans of The Jam and moreover hard core worshippers of frontman Paul Weller are up in arms that the whining Winnie version exists at all. Meanwhile, the Whinnie Williams winge with its angelic, slow roasted recipe;  complete with kiddie-whispered vocals and lacking the sincerity of the modern classic may be calm … but is it quite so bright? Apparently, further offensives include scoring; where the absence of The Jams raw acoustic guitar backing is replaced by a more illustrious scoring for dreamy harp and ethereal synth waves played out on the digital piano. So, it would seem that whilst Whinnie Williams goes sailing by with her ‘All is calm’ ballad; some critics have got themselves in a right old jam.Whinnie Williams – Calm But Bright?

The Jam – Conserv-ative Original

Though the original ‘’That’s Entertainment’’ survives there have been many versions of this iconic hit recorded to more or lesser effect. To emphasise the ‘everyday grind’ lyrics, the drums and bass where in one session removed from the original to reveal the sparsest of acoustic guitar lines and Paul Weller. The ardent Verse 1 vocals paint their picture with two simplistic chords that The Jam strummed with their folk-ish crudity whilst Whinnie Williams weaves a more intellectual web featuring harp and digital piano:

        G                           Em                      G                                Em

‘’A police and a screaming siren, Pneumatic drill and ripped-up concrete’’ etc

Whinnie Williams – All Is Calm

Whinnie’s ballad style has its merits as the cautiously-trodden lines soften the original punk rock approach with a more infantile execution of life behind rose-tinted glasses:

G                            Em                     G                                             Em

‘’A baby wailing, stray dog howling, The screech of brakes and lamp light blinking’’


Many are left wondering what Paul Weller was thinking; allowing such an atrocious copy and paste revival to exist?

Well, for Whinnie Williams and Zoe – that’s entertainment. Calm it may be – but bright?

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