Tom Hodge – Dogged And Determined

Tom Hodge, one of Britain’s finest composers and digital piano players is on a journey. At present his musical path points to a rustic scene of man and best friend walking life’s road together curtesy of Ceasar. The doggie dinner company and Tom Hodge have combo’d to deliver a creative synchro that has taken advertising to its most emotional pitch as an old man and his poochie pal spend time to a back drop sound of a solo electric piano. The promo entitled ‘Journey’ combines with a Tom Hodge epic ‘Walk Through the Village’ to produce 60 seconds of classical proportions and timeless charm and has the world in tears with this ‘love ‘em back’ showstopper.  Tom Hodge – Dogged And Determined

Tom Hodge – At The Root

Tom Hodge may compose music for man and his mutt but he is not a one trick pony. He has a plethora of musical experience that encompasses TV advertising, film, classical crossovers and more recent ballet scoring. At the root of the Tom Hodge talent is his predilection for the digital piano as his most cosseted composing tool. Not to be labelled as a niche composer Tom Hodge can pen for hair products to soundtracks full of Eastern promise. From the ardent digital piano gallops of Pantene’s ‘Feather’; with its traditional framework of trills and thrills to the more ethnic grappling with the soundscapes of Silverstreet; either way Tom Hodge sits at his piano stool and brings forth his musical menu with dogged dexterity.

‘Walk In The Park’ Music

Played throughout in a major key, Tom Hodge scores ‘’Walk Through The Village’’ with an easy, rippling motion. It is played with the lightest touch on the digital piano and reverberates with tranquillity as right and left hands position themselves comfortably in the central register. Octave leaps and cross-overs all add to the compositions buoyancy as man and dog stroll from coffee house to flower girl and journey on to the graveyard.  Back home the digital piano takes on a more reticent feel and slows to fade as man feeds dog with ‘Country Kitchen’ flavoured poochie pouches.

Tom Hodge and his alliance with Ceasar makes this dogged journey a walk in the park. Let’s love him back.

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