Grizzly Bear Approaching

Grizzly Bear is approaching in the shape of a weekend of drama. As ITV3 screens a decade of special shows from Endeavour to Wycliffe you will hear the roar of Grizzly Bear as its back drop trailer. The one minute glimpse from this harmless creature of an indie rock habitat features the quartet’s hit single ‘Sun In Your Eyes’. This Grizzly Bear track fashions a less experimental sound than often trademarked in former repertoire with its rock ballad niche and lyrical message; delivered graciously on the back of a digital piano sway. From the ‘’Sun In Your Eyes’’ to the brightest of lights; you’re sure to have a blast in this weekend of drama.Grizzly Bear Approaching

Grizzly Bear – Creatures of Habit

The lilting digital piano rhythms rock slowly back and forth to form the backbone of this lengthy track. The sombre Grizzly Bear lyrics look on life with a reconciled bent and are semi-whispered and chanted to the listener. These Grizzly Bear creatures of habit are well versed in the imagery of storytelling and the hallucinogenic state:

‘’Fallen one, you’ll fall again and lean on your tires hands, the crawling grass, the soft ground’’ 

Bear-ly Under The Influence

The drum kit adds its fragmented beats from ride to snare and percussion and electric piano drive the music on. A crescendo wave mixes atonal vocals and walls of brassy sounds cross over the bar and lead to a more highlighted dreamy pandemonium as the chorus shows it face:

‘’By the look on your face. The burden’s on your back. And the sun is in your eyes’’.

The weekend drama promo is backed by only a momentary glint of ‘’Sun In You Eyes’’ but offers an insight into this mammoth work. The bands influential journey continues for a further six minutes plus as Grizzly Bear takes us to its creative lair.

Be warned – Grizzly Bear approaching

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