Grace Slick – Enjoying The Ride At 75

Grace Slick, US singer songwriter celebrates her 75th birthday today. She was best known as the front for Jefferson Airplane in the 60s and Jefferson Starship two decades later in the 80s; either way she had a voice that could transport you and a face that could launch a thousand star ships. With her sculpted looks, wizened mane and vocal dexterity, Grace Slick was exactly that and it was hits like ‘’Sara’’ and ‘’Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’’ that gave  bands like Great Society, Airplane and Starship their slick, bespoke identity defined by Grace’s spirited vocals and breakaway lyrics. Her craft however extended beyond the stage and catwalk as our legendary figure could also be found behind the scenes at her digital piano; co-composing hits like ‘’Somebody to Love’’ with its fashionable Beatles-like edge.  With Grace Slick on board; success was secured and this stoic female icon would rock her way into the history books.  Grace Slick – Enjoying The Ride At 75

Glace Slick – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Her

1987 saw Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas duet themselves to the top of the billboard with this Dance rock favourite. The track featured as the main soundtrack for the comedy film ‘Mannequin’ with both the dummy, Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas coming alive mid performance. The song boasts a powerful synth motif, played on the digital piano and embedding itself from the onset. The lyrics boast a mutual bonding from both singers as man and mannequin fall for each other:

 F                                                                        Bb                                                                C7

‘‘Lookin’ in your eyes I see a paradise. This world that I have found is too good to be true’ etc

Sara, Somebody And Grace

Both ‘’Sara’’ and ’We Built This City’’ have a similar trademark presence with the prominent use of digital piano as a featured back bone. Though the relationship in ‘’Sara’’ was ending and the Grace Slick presence was only noted with backing vocals – success from this soft rock tear-jerker was imminent:

Bb                                                                             Am

‘’Go now. Don’t look back we’ve drawn the line’’ etc

Likewise ‘’We Built This City’’ was heavily weighted towards the mid 80’s glam rock genre but its introduction delivered reverberating vocal harmonies over a digital piano framework with an ethereal organ sound. Jefferson Starship was reinventing itself and a new wave of music was about to be launched with Grace Slick at the helm and enjoying the ride at 75.

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