The Casio Digital Piano Trio – Bringing Your Music To Life

The Casio Digital Piano collection has a new lease of life; with a winning combo of the latest technology and traditional piano sound. If you’re looking for a Digital Piano that tricks all the boxes this Halloween then you’re in for a treat with the Privia and Celviano range. Models that stand out for their quality and inspirational performance level are Casio Privia PX-760, PX-860 and Celviano AP-460. All three in this Casio Digital Piano range herald the new ‘Concert Play’ library that will cast its spell as you play along with an orchestra, and just like MJ and his music; this Halloween could turn out to be a real thriller. So whatever be-spook sound you rock to; from shock rock to ‘once you pop’ the Casio Digital Piano collection will bring your music to life.Casio PX-750

Casio’s Be-spook Sounds

This competent trio will do your bidding with their good looks and sensitive touch. The Casio Privia PX-760 is a robust beast that comes complete with quality cabinet, integrated stand, keyboard cover and three-pedal system. As with Casio’s big brother PX-860 and head of the family Celviano AP-460 all three display replicated ebony and ivory keys and boast the latest Tri-sensor Hammer Action that together with the latest technology in Air Sound Sourcing will exude the best digital piano acoustics from these bespoke monster machines.

Key To Your Success

The 18 high-quality tones on all three models will help your Halloween go with a bang and the only diffi-cult-y is a matter of choice. If you’re looking to emulate the King of Pop’s ‘Thriller’ track then you can choose from a plethora of digital piano tones that can make the signatory occult synthesiser motif sound just like the original scoring. The repeated loop of the opening riff from G to Am could be made more authentic with a werewolf howl but a voice tone with an ethereal ‘ooh’ mixed with a choice of digital effect from reverb to chorus would enhance your compositional choice further.

Witchcraft-y One To Choose

The Ghost Busters theme may not only leave you with the question ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ but also ‘which one shall I pick?’. The Casio Digital Piano AP-460 is undoubtedly the big daddy and boasts the new electric/string piano and two digital grand piano additions. Here the poppy classic played with the AP-460’s featured string resonance could make ‘’something strange’’ (in your neighbourhood) into something good: AA C ABG,  AAAA GA,

So as Thriller testifies; if it’s getting ‘’Close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark’’ – it’s probably you going bump in the night on your new Casio Digital Piano and hammer response pedals! The only question remaining is … witchcraft-y one of these darkened beauties should you bring to life?

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