Cash Cash – Upwardly Mobile

Cash Cash seems to have mastered the art of its music as the US trio scoops up success with their latest venture. Though the initial lack of money and crafting know-how may have led to the Electronic Dance band’s stage name, there seem to be positive notes flying now of a different kind. Whilst Netflix is streaming its family entertainment promo for the autumn season, Cash Cash is syncing its teeth into their 30’’ back drop sound with minimized moments from hit single ‘’Kiss The Sky’’. With on-screen favourites that includes Brave and Free Birds, Cash Cash are mixing live line ups with electronic doings to show the seasons best sofa-oglers. Digital piano synth waves, kiddie chorus lines, tech-pop beats and plug-in poppets make up this dolly mixture sound of this ‘’Kiss The Sky’’ charisma.  As the family gets watching – it’s pop popcorn in the interval whilst Cash Cash recharges its electronic dance batteries. Cash Cash – Upwardly Mobile 

Cash Cash – Lack of Notes?

As characters from Netflix favourites fly, climb, jump and run ‘’Kiss The Sky’’ begins with its whirring synth waves and retro psychedelics played on digital piano: Gm C Eb, Gm Cm Eb

From swashbuckler scenes of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and Lego legends where swords are drawn to the aerodynamic proportions of bows and arrows from The Hobbit and Brave heroine Merida. The Cash Cash signatory sound of the kiddie chorus line hits the waves with its lack lustre creativity but non-the-less anthem-like chorus:

                Gm               C               Eb          Gm                          Cm        Eb

‘’You and I. We could fly. ‘Til we die, So high that we could kiss the sky’’ etc

A Dynamic Tail

From Free Birds and it scenes of ascending pumpkins to Frankenweenie’s electrifying sci-fi tale; this is one 30’’ dynamic trailer that literally works up, up, up a frenzy. The Netflix promo finishes with all things airborne and the Cash Cash kiddie chorus reminds us that the sky’s the limit as the electric piano soars ever upward.

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