Brodinski – Nicked As He Grooves

Brodinski seems to be on the right path when it comes to his career choice. Presently up there as a highly ranked DJ of all things Electronica he is beginning to reach out to new ventures beyond his somewhat primal repertoire. ‘’Nobody Rules The Streets’’ is no exception as whilst he knowingly tinges his track with a measured touch, touch, touch of Louisahhh – yet another diva is copping off with his talented mix and taking it from the airwaves to the screen and where not just the prices are criminal.Brodinski – Nicked As He Grooves

Nicole Scherzinger  fronts her own agenda as she flaunts her second range of Missguided clothing to the behind the scenes sounds of Brodinski and his bare-faced digital piano dealings. Nicole kicks off her minimalist wardrobe with little more than a seductive glance against back-drop sets of stark police enclosures as our bad girl nic, nic, Nicole is nicked. The raw Brodinski beat kicks in and several clothing expo’s later, this ‘wanted’ madam makes herself at home wearing one smug little number accompanied by another.

Moving To The Brodinski Beat 

Brodinski does not walk the DJ path alone as equally heralded DJ Louisahhh combos with her indignant vocal lines witnessed in ‘’Nobody Rules The Streets’’. The two make for a bejewelled techno and house mix that begins with whirring sirens countered by digital piano riffs, pulsating backbeats and Louisahhh’s embedding of the title ‘’Nobody Rules The Streets’’. 

Nicks And Grooves

Brodinski fuels a ricochet motif featured on digital piano and back beat that drive the track forward picking up extra chinks of interest in the musical amour ‘’like me’’. The semi-spoken lines develop and intertwine with a deep male vocal line enforcing a me-nacing ‘’me, me, me’’ as the lonesome female figure finds herself with company…

The booted sound of the Brodinski beat and little Miss-guided make a dynamic duo. The prices may be criminal but if the glove fits…

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