The Casio Digital Piano Trio – Bringing Your Music To Life

The Casio Digital Piano collection has a new lease of life; with a winning combo of the latest technology and traditional piano sound. If you’re looking for a Digital Piano that tricks all the boxes this Halloween then you’re in for a treat with the Privia and Celviano range. Models that stand out for their quality and inspirational performance level are Casio Privia PX-760, PX-860 and Celviano AP-460. All three in this Casio Digital Piano range herald the new ‘Concert Play’ library that will cast its spell as you play along with an orchestra, and just like MJ and his music; this Halloween could turn out to be a real thriller. So whatever be-spook sound you rock to; from shock rock to ‘once you pop’ the Casio Digital Piano collection will bring your music to life. Continue reading “The Casio Digital Piano Trio – Bringing Your Music To Life”

Grace Slick – Enjoying The Ride At 75

Grace Slick, US singer songwriter celebrates her 75th birthday today. She was best known as the front for Jefferson Airplane in the 60s and Jefferson Starship two decades later in the 80s; either way she had a voice that could transport you and a face that could launch a thousand star ships. With her sculpted looks, wizened mane and vocal dexterity, Grace Slick was exactly that and it was hits like ‘’Sara’’ and ‘’Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’’ that gave  bands like Great Society, Airplane and Starship their slick, bespoke identity defined by Grace’s spirited vocals and breakaway lyrics. Her craft however extended beyond the stage and catwalk as our legendary figure could also be found behind the scenes at her digital piano; co-composing hits like ‘’Somebody to Love’’ with its fashionable Beatles-like edge.  With Grace Slick on board; success was secured and this stoic female icon would rock her way into the history books.  Grace Slick – Enjoying The Ride At 75 Continue reading “Grace Slick – Enjoying The Ride At 75”

Grizzly Bear Approaching

Grizzly Bear is approaching in the shape of a weekend of drama. As ITV3 screens a decade of special shows from Endeavour to Wycliffe you will hear the roar of Grizzly Bear as its back drop trailer. The one minute glimpse from this harmless creature of an indie rock habitat features the quartet’s hit single ‘Sun In Your Eyes’. This Grizzly Bear track fashions a less experimental sound than often trademarked in former repertoire with its rock ballad niche and lyrical message; delivered graciously on the back of a digital piano sway. From the ‘’Sun In Your Eyes’’ to the brightest of lights; you’re sure to have a blast in this weekend of drama.Grizzly Bear Approaching Continue reading “Grizzly Bear Approaching”

Cash Cash – Upwardly Mobile

Cash Cash seems to have mastered the art of its music as the US trio scoops up success with their latest venture. Though the initial lack of money and crafting know-how may have led to the Electronic Dance band’s stage name, there seem to be positive notes flying now of a different kind. Whilst Netflix is streaming its family entertainment promo for the autumn season, Cash Cash is syncing its teeth into their 30’’ back drop sound with minimized moments from hit single ‘’Kiss The Sky’’. With on-screen favourites that includes Brave and Free Birds, Cash Cash are mixing live line ups with electronic doings to show the seasons best sofa-oglers. Digital piano synth waves, kiddie chorus lines, tech-pop beats and plug-in poppets make up this dolly mixture sound of this ‘’Kiss The Sky’’ charisma.  As the family gets watching – it’s pop popcorn in the interval whilst Cash Cash recharges its electronic dance batteries. Cash Cash – Upwardly Mobile  Continue reading “Cash Cash – Upwardly Mobile”

Tom Hodge – Dogged And Determined

Tom Hodge, one of Britain’s finest composers and digital piano players is on a journey. At present his musical path points to a rustic scene of man and best friend walking life’s road together curtesy of Ceasar. The doggie dinner company and Tom Hodge have combo’d to deliver a creative synchro that has taken advertising to its most emotional pitch as an old man and his poochie pal spend time to a back drop sound of a solo electric piano. The promo entitled ‘Journey’ combines with a Tom Hodge epic ‘Walk Through the Village’ to produce 60 seconds of classical proportions and timeless charm and has the world in tears with this ‘love ‘em back’ showstopper.  Tom Hodge – Dogged And Determined Continue reading “Tom Hodge – Dogged And Determined”

Whinnie Williams – Calm But Bright?

Whinnie Williams has got many of The Jam fans in a pickle with her mined rendition of the 80’s punk rockers track ‘’That’s Entertainment’’. Her child-like prose can be heard as the back-drop sound to Renaults present Zoe advertising promo as their latest car model swans through the city to an ‘All is calm’ signature sound. Loyal fans of The Jam and moreover hard core worshippers of frontman Paul Weller are up in arms that the whining Winnie version exists at all. Meanwhile, the Whinnie Williams winge with its angelic, slow roasted recipe;  complete with kiddie-whispered vocals and lacking the sincerity of the modern classic may be calm … but is it quite so bright? Apparently, further offensives include scoring; where the absence of The Jams raw acoustic guitar backing is replaced by a more illustrious scoring for dreamy harp and ethereal synth waves played out on the digital piano. So, it would seem that whilst Whinnie Williams goes sailing by with her ‘All is calm’ ballad; some critics have got themselves in a right old jam.Whinnie Williams – Calm But Bright? Continue reading “Whinnie Williams – Calm But Bright?”

Roy Budd – Illusions By The Score

Roy Budd still figures as a master when it comes to composing a sound that sticks. In the 70’s he cut a dash as the musical pen behind the ‘Get Carter’ crime film that starred Michel Caine and although Roy Budd compiled 13 sound tracks for the British Blockbuster it was ‘’Carter Takes A Train’’ that is perhaps the one we all herald the most. As a prolific digital piano player and composer Roy Budd was able to get under the skin of his audience; synchronising scene and score alike with eerie, low-flung motifs that teased the listener and made for a gripping thriller. Performed live by Roy Budd and his jazz trio; no less than three electric piano sounds were laid simultaneously to manuscript and accompanied by a minimalistic ensemble of double bass and percussion. Today, Honda hold the ‘Power Of Dreams’ in their hand as Roy Budd held his pen; with the firm grip of the Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of  Budds ‘’Carter Takes A Train’’ rolled out to Dali-style setting.Roy Budd – Illusions By The Score Continue reading “Roy Budd – Illusions By The Score”

The Kleerup Operation

Kleerup is doing exactly that on the streets of New York City. As autumn creeps up he can be heard as the backdrop sound to H&M’s fashion promo. The track ‘’Let Me In’’ resounds through the city as a trio of female models walk their walk whilst Kleerup talks his talk. The electropop hit features Norwegian singer songwriter Susanna Sandfor as she lets us in on Kleerup campaign that wipes the floor with the competition. With its defiant bass riff and whirring digital piano shafts of sound this thematic track beholds a combo of many an iconic oldie from ‘’Another One Bites The Dust’’ to ‘’Eye Of The Tiger’’. Either way the 80’s come roaring through this Kleerup operation as H&M tidies the New York streets; littered with fashion.   The Kleerup Operation Continue reading “The Kleerup Operation”

Brodinski – Nicked As He Grooves

Brodinski seems to be on the right path when it comes to his career choice. Presently up there as a highly ranked DJ of all things Electronica he is beginning to reach out to new ventures beyond his somewhat primal repertoire. ‘’Nobody Rules The Streets’’ is no exception as whilst he knowingly tinges his track with a measured touch, touch, touch of Louisahhh – yet another diva is copping off with his talented mix and taking it from the airwaves to the screen and where not just the prices are criminal.Brodinski – Nicked As He Grooves Continue reading “Brodinski – Nicked As He Grooves”

Zooey Deschanel – Sofa So Good

Zooey Deschanel is guaranteeing you a Christmas delivery as part of the DFS package. This up-coming actress and singer-songwriter adds an early sprinkling of seasonal cheer to the sofa company’s winter collection by way of ‘’A Very Important Thing To Do’’; a popular theme song from the Disney animation film Winnie The Pooh of 2011. With its light-hearted scoring lead by woodwind and digital piano, the chums of Pooh Corner set out on their adventures with a free pot of honey at the centre of their journey. So whilst you relax and sit it out, DFS and Zoeey Deschanel are busy planning ahead to make Christmas more comfortable which they believe is ‘’A Very Important Thing To Do’’. Zooey Deschanel - Sofa So Good Continue reading “Zooey Deschanel – Sofa So Good”