The NRBQ – Fitting Music

NRBQ, (New Rhythm & Blues Quartet) the US rock band of the 60’s is known for its musical spontaneity and here it is; making an impromptu appearance in the JD William’s latest promo. The online clothes retailer gets down in the local café amidst the informal setting of coffee and chatter. The music strikes up via the bluesy sounds of the digital piano line that trips the switch for instruments and audience alike. Before we know it, everyone is dancing to the rock ‘n’ roll sounds of the NRBQ and their track ‘Want You To Feel Good Too’. This retro revival gets a good one minute expose as Lorraine Kelly enters the room and is soon swept into the ‘fitting’ atmosphere of flattery and feel good as JD and the NRBQ hold hands.   The NRBQ – Fitting Music

The NRBQ Blend

Chosen well for this coffee-aroma setting, the NRBQ has just the right blend of jazz, rock and pop to make the combo so appealing; with its Beatles-style energy and Thelonias Monk improvisations. The line-up of well-versed musicians consists of vocals and digital piano led by frontman Terry Adams, guitar, bass and drums. Though much of the bands repertoire is scored for the NRBQ alone, an additional wind section bursting brassy testosterone is often ready in the wings. With the NRBQ renowned for its element of surprise during its live renditions – anything can happen to keep the audience’s toes a’ tappin.

Music To Make You Feel Good

The NRBQ put on their energised act as Terry Adams cranks up the machine by way of his digital piano blue bars and subsequent layering by guitar and drums. Their sound is distinct one that demonstrates a high level of musical prowess and has the combo feel of yesteryear’s Jerry Lee Lewis and his ‘’Great Balls Of Fire’’ and Jools Holland/Status Quo to come. Terry Adams fervently slaps and tickles the digital piano ivories as they introduce the vocal line:


‘’Well, come her baby, come here girl, Let’s us two take a trip around the world’’ etc

The track continues forward in the usual 12-bar blues way of things with the NRBQ adding their own defiant brand of stormy digital piano and guitar middle eight but with Terry Adams at the helm – this ‘feel good’ music is driven home and suitably parked in its 4/4 driveway.  Albeit a ‘fitting’ rendition from NRBQ, this rockabilly band deserves so much more air time than a one minute showing in a crowded café.

For a quartet that likes to play in its pyjamas, this band on a budget wouldn’t costa the earth.

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