London Grammar – Music Paved With Gold

London Grammar is a UK electropop band that hails from England’s capitol. As a relatively new ensemble on the music scene, the group is made up of trio Hannah Reid on vocals, Daniel Rothman on guitar and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major playing digital piano and percussion. Whilst London Grammar is working out if the streets are paved with gold, Christian Dior has commissioned their single ‘’Hey Now’’ as the backdrop sound for its latest fragrance campaign. Dior’s opulently themed setting named ‘The Future is Gold’ sees model Charlize Theron climb with ease up a golden hoist that dangles temptingly from the world beyond. Amidst a bespangled Renaissance setting of Michelangelo mystic Theon leaves the past behind and opts for a brave new world that dons a future of yet more gold but in tubular form! This ‘all that glitters’ mini-make drips to the sound of a remix beat as French duo The Shoes try it on for size and leave London Grammar as a memory…     London Grammar – Music Paved With Gold

Music With London Glamour

’Hey Now’ begins with an earthy, solo digital piano motif; soon to be followed by layers of guitar and percussion until the rhythmic floor is laid;    Eb   F   C  x 2

Hannah enters with her ‘’Hey Now’’ alto line that searches with its primal touch of London Grammar minus the glamour. Meanwhile, our gold-plated Dior maiden is heading for the stars as she abandons her present situation complete with cast off of stilettoes and garish pearls:

       F              C                                                          F                  C

‘’Hey now, Letters burning by my bed for you, Hey now, I can feel my instincts here for you’’ 

London Grammar Speaks Volumes

Soaring into the upper register with an ethereal ‘’Uh’’ and a digital piano and guitar backing that reverberates throughout, the metal-clad maiden who believes ‘’the only way out is up’’ discovers a new gold rush on the outside. The musical momentum subsides and the skyline is a myriad of yet more gold in the shape of the Dior J’adore fragrance.

The Shoes remix is sensitively crafted in this short brand film and doesn’t obscure the origins of London Grammar; whose music clearly speaks for its self.

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