Kenny Loggins – Foot Loose And Tongue Tied

Kenny Loggins can’t cut loose just yet as his signatory single ‘Foot Loose’ is tied down to the latest mobile network EE campaign. The song was the opening soundtrack in the 1984 musical-drama film and 2011 re-release of the same name, in which a teenager moves to a town where dancing and music are banned within the community.  As Kevin Bacon in the leading role sets the town ‘free’; the full version of the Kenny Loggins ‘Footloose’ track is played out in the final barn scene complete with nifty foot workers dancing to the rock ‘n’ roll sounds that emulate from guitar and digital piano alike. Today our screens show a more mature Kevin in EE’s latest advert promo as he wantonly glides around a wedding party; smoothly promoting the phone to the undulating sounds of ‘Footloose’. Eeeee Kevin…Kenny Loggins – Foot Loose And Tongue Tied

Foot Loose And Tongue Tied

Kenny Loggins has found his ‘Footloose’ in great demand since its inception some 30 years ago. Many artists has since mined his sound from conventional versions by country singer Blake Shelton to parody-style renditions by ‘’Weird Al’’ Yankovic. The former fronted the soundtrack for the 2011 re-make with his country-rock version complete with Kenny Loggins legendary guitar riff and interspersing Hammond organ ‘splashes’ played on a digital piano:


‘’I’ve been working so hard, I’m parking my car’’

Kenny Loggins Run

The chorus is a jaunty affair as Kenny Loggins scores a memorable tutti section for the whole instrumental line up:

                           G                  C           G                                    G

 (‘’I gotta) cut loose, foot loose, kick off your Sunday shoes’’

Whilst Blake Shelton smoothly operates his rock-a-billy version, ‘’Weird Al’’ Yankovic is fronting his rendition with his digital piano set to accordion for a more ‘do-si do’ polka style.

Dubbed the ‘King of the Movie Soundtrack’ Kenny Loggins had a run of successful film tracks that has seen his music career escalate to a height that still sees him footloose and fancy-free today.

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