Jackie Wilson – The Sweetest Music

Jackie Wilson, US singer and performer of the 50’s is back on top and celebrating his success. Whilst Asda is promoting 85 of its new party cake range from the Pinata Surprise to M&M’s Chocolate Sofa we can all sit back and listen to the backdrop sounds of Jackie Wilson and his hit song (I Get the) ‘’Sweetest Feeling’’. This 60’s favourite with its Motown momentum oozes musical calories from the single-layered ‘’plink, plink’’ simplicity of the digital piano intro to the full force of the Funk Brothers orchestra and The Andantes backing vocals that gave Jackie Wilson a huge slice of success. If you’re too young to remember Jackie Wilson as ‘’Mr Excitement’’ as he slid into action then just count the bars whilst we count the calories! Jackie Wilson – The Sweetest Music

A Slice of the Action  

Jackie Wilson was known not just for his charismatic, wide-ranging vocal style but also his energetic on-stage performances that integrated intricate dance moves and neat dress sense. As a former boxer, Jackie Wilson was nifty on his feet from splits to spins to slides and as a consequence was a hit with the female members of his audience. As a result, Jackie Wilson fathered more children than the candles on an Asda party cake – but hey – just like the years – who’s counting!

Sweet On Jackie Wilson

The digital piano sets out with a solo passage of two ‘twee’ sounding stacked chords of C and F; these soon spill into the first verse complete with more enhanced accompaniment that highlights the marimba for that ‘’sweetest’’ feeling:

              C                F            C                     F

’The closer you get, the better you look, baby’’ etc

Now backed by the full Funk Brothers ensemble, featured blousy brass and high-pitched female ‘’Ooh’’ harmonies add flavour to the chorus as Jackie Wilson sings his falsetto flaunts and octave slides:

F                                                                               A#                                G#

’And I get the sweetest feeling, honey the sweetest (sweetest) feeling’’ etc

Sweet tooth or nay, Jackie Wilson is the cherry on this new range of Asda party perks. So let them eat cake… mmm.

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