The Glitch Mob – Beauty And The Beat Beasts

The Glitch Mob may have chosen a name that suggests a chink in its circuitry armour but at presently this band is on faultless form. As the electronica trio from LA airs its second album ‘’Love Death Immortality’’ so the beat scene laps up ten more pulsating nuggets of songs and instrumental tracks break through the Billboard with their circuit board sounds. ’’Beauty of the Unhidden Heart’’ secretes a memorising bank of musical goodies as The Glitch Mob three-some edIT, Boreta and Ooah collaborate their digital piano dance beats with the folky fairy tale strains of Sister Crayon and her mouth-watering vocals. Meanwhile, BBC 2 already has The Glitch Mob well and truly wired for their own future sound as a one minute music backdrop of ’’Beauty of the Unhidden Heart’’ against the autumn fest of drama trailers sends heart racing and beats a pumpin’.   The Glitch Mob

Tugging At Your Harp Strings

As ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘The Fall’, ‘One Child’ and ‘Banished’ all offer up a glimpse into the seasonal screen, so ’’Beauty of the Unhidden Heart’’ unveils its earthy its energy. The minimalistic intro yields an emotive impact as the rippling arpeggios of the digital piano ‘harp’ strings, crescendo pulse and the sweet, vocal yearnings of Sister Crayon cast their spell on the listener:

 Eb                                  Cm   Eb        Gm Ab        Db               Fm

             ‘’When you are here,           my heart is right on your side’’

The Glitch Mob & Sister Act

A lengthy instrumental ‘B’ section led by beats, breaks and the more ardent synth pop sounds that emulates from the digital piano carry the track forward to the next stage of this enchanting combo Glitch Mob and Sister Act:

Gm     Cm     Gm      Cm   Ab   Eb  Bb

A Sneaky Peak To Blind Us

The two music worlds collide and combine with compelling on-screen action that leaves us wanting more. Meanwhile, as the quartet of trailer teasers from gangsters to game changers of a different ilk yield their sneaky peak of what’s to come; The Glitch Mob and Sister Crayon have already lynch mobbed our hearts – well, captured actually.

This music tale of beauty and the beat beasts is one autumnal fairy story with an unseasonably happy ending.

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