Clean Bandit – A New Taste In Music

Clean Bandit may be a quirky name for this UK Baroque pop foursome but their music is serious stuff – well semi. Clean Bandit is a less than complimentary name that though lost in translation when it comes to its Russian origin has served the quartet well so far and their single ‘’Rather Be’’ is causing a stir in the M&S kitchen right now. As the middle England shopping giant serves up its ‘Adventures in Imagination’ and implores foodies everywhere to try their grub with more gauche this autumn, Clean Bandit can be seen whipping their own set of strings, chopping up their digital piano chord clusters and generally enjoying a new taste in music with their classical-contemporary twist of old and nu. Well, I know where I’d rather be. Clean Bandit – A New Taste In Music

Stirring It Up

’Rather Be’’ is the latest release by Clean Bandit that beholds the same strands of signatory music wear that ‘’Mozart’s House’’, the band’s first track kicked off in 2010. Its fusion of classical combinations with a modern mix of dance beats show through from the onset as the strident strokes of string quartet scoring are never far from the surface. Akin to the Mozart spirit, the 2-bar motif is cleanly executed and quickly embedded as the digital piano takes over with its electro pop sounds and underlays the vocal line:

Motif:        B D# F# B’ C#’ A#’,                                            G# B D# G#’ F# D# F#

 ‘’We’re a thousand miles from comfort,           we have travelled land and sea’’ etc

Clean Bandit – The Height of Good Taste

A nifty dance beat and bass line soon join in and drive the music on. The Clean Bandit style develops into a dance-clad fusion that holds its vintage feel and nu roots with equal stead:

               G#            F#                        E       B                       G#              F#         E       B

‘’If you gave me a chance I would take it….          There’s no place I’d rather be’’

Soaring violin, deep-down cello, digital piano jazz fills and frills all find their place as ingredients in this Baroque pop recipe. As M&S journeys through its myriad of mouth-watering flavours, all lovingly cut, chopped and diced; they are backed by a rendered down one minute version of ‘’Rather Be’’. For the cherry on top – it’s Clean Bandit – no matter how you bake it, cook it or slice it.

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