Woodkid Steels The Show

Woodkid is a craftsman made of strong stuff as his recent EP single ‘Iron’ gets an airing. Woodkid, whose real name is Yoann Lemoine and of French original, is known alongside a catalogue of talents in a creative forum, for his experimental music that meanders nomadically between the Baroque pop and neofolk genres. ‘Iron’ typifies the Woodkid sound with its tribal rhythms and heraldic digital piano motif and calls to the spirit within us all.  ‘Iron’ has been at centres stage before its present showing from action-packed video games to the back drop music in adverting promos galore. Today, Diesel is embedding its latest men’s fragrance via the chiselled looks of male model Willy Cartier on screen and the sculpted craft of the Woodkid ‘Iron’ behind it. This compelling combination results in a potent wave of masculinity from manufacturer and musician alike.Woodkid

Woodkid – Man of Iron

As Deisel asks if you are ‘’Ready to shape the future’’ via its ‘Only The Brave Wild’ fragrance, we see our hero surrounded by the tropical backdrop of filtered light and the dense foliage of the tropical floor. The ardent percussion plays out its war drum rhythms and a digital piano with its steely theme begins the journey for survival as the survivor runs the gauntlet over a bed-rock of chords and monochrome apocalyptic scene:

 C                                      Am

‘’A soldier on my own,      I don’t know the way’’  

Iron And Brass

The heraldic brass motif that is central to this song in the original Woodkid ‘Iron’ track now enters as our fearless soldier makes for the fallen citadel. The chordal progression beholds a medieval bent of stature and nobility: C  Am  Em  G

Em                                       G

‘’I’m ready for the fight and fate’’

Iron Music – A Real Steel

Our hero hunk stands tall as he reclaims the city and the brass wall of sound, electric piano chords and pounding rhythms combine their strength and become one:

C                                                Am                                 Em                                    G

‘’A million mile from home,   I’m walking away. I can’t remind your eyes, your face’’

This is one steely sound from Woodkid – a real chip off Diesel’s apocalyptic block. A real steel.

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