The Weather Girls – A Musical Forecast

The Weather Girls seem to spring to mind at the present time ‘’whether we like it or not’’. As the weather in the UK goes from small talk to the next big issue with flood defences broken, gale force winds and severe weather warnings forecast by our TV weather girls and boys ‘’whatever the weather’’ our stalwart British upper lip will weather the storm. It’ll take more than a handsome Prince to bail some out so here’s the Weather Girls with their next prediction… The Weather Girls – A Musical Forecast

‘’It’s Raining Men’’

Izora Armstead and Martha Wash make up the ample ‘Two Tons o’Fun’ duo that peaked in the ‘80’s with their dance-pop single ‘’It’s Raining Men’’.  The fun element and upbeat lyrics suggestive of ‘men in abundance falling from the sky’ makes this song an all-time, international favourite. The track begins with a rising quaver movement played on digital piano part of synth strings motif backed by an sfx thunder storm that adds an element of drama to the song:

Fm  G# C#m Cm

A spoken section of ‘’Have we got news for you’’ and sets the scene for the first verse complete with backbeat and disco feel:


’Humidity is rising, Barometer’s getting low ‘’etc

An undulating popping motif emulating from the digital piano can be a heard at the end of each phrase suggestive of the patter of rain that leads to the chorus and later more prominently in the middle eight:

                  C#         Eb                         Cm  Fm

’It’s rainin men. Hallelujah! It’s rainin’ men’’etc

The Weather Girls – All Awash With Geri

Geri Halliwell’s rendition of 2001 has a similar dance-pop approach but with references in the accompanying video to the performing arts screen hit ‘Fame’ coupled with interspersing frames from ‘’Bridget Jones’s Diary’’. The musical content devotes more energy to the dance genre with greater emphasis on the semi-spoken sections and a spiralling synthesiser part and aggressive back beat.

Whether They Like It Or Not

Indeed this Weather Girls wonder has featured on screen media from films, theatre, television sitcoms and video games to the anthem track at gay marriage ceremonies! As for the Weather Girls – well – the royalties alone will keep them home and dry for some time to come.

Indeed, I’m sure our Weather Girls will ‘’Weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not’’

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