Ria Ritchie – The Girl With A Plan B

When Ria Ritchie put herself out there on YouTube as a Plan A to her musical exposure – she didn’t figure on having a Plan B so soon. The UK singer-songwriter who hails from Norwich laid her talent before squillions of viewers and before she knew it – her fairy tale was coming true in the shape of musical recognition. As a vocalist and more recent self-taught guitarist, Ria Ritchie has always had a passion for penning her feelings and ‘’Only One’’, her debut single captures her musical niche in full. Absorbed in soul and Motown from a tender age, the influence of artists like Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys comes shining through; sounds clad in rich digital piano chords and earnest lyrical messages. But right now her release of ‘’Only One’’ has gotten Ria Ritchie to be ‘the chosen one’. Ria Ritchie – The Girl With A Plan B

‘’Only One’’ From The Chosen One

Ria Ritchie clings to her neo soul niche as ‘’Only One’’ opens with a slow but pivotal instrumental passage led acoustic guitar and a mellow cello sustain played on digital piano. The two lay the semi-folk framework for the enquiring lyrics to follow:     F#     E     C#

‘’What’s up with you lately. You ain’t been like this before’’

A rolling snare and raucous hand claps follows and builds up the tension in the song and taking it to the chorus. Ria Ritchie bears her soul whilst the chorus stomps out the beat and echoes her fears:

‘’I hate to think that you’re missing me, Should be feeling like the only one’’

Ria Ritchie With Her Own Plan

The song strides on and repeats the minimalistic verse material and building to the chorus. Strident digital grand piano chords accompany the final section and with a full on accompaniment – take the song to its final conclusion.

Unless there’s a Plan C out there – it looks like it’s all going one way for Ria Ritchie.

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