Hall And Oates – Purr-Fect Fur So Long

Hall and Oates have been some forty years plus in the music industry and are still going strong. The US duo first started working together in 1970 with Daryl Hall fronting with vocals and John Oates accompanying on electric guitar with backing vocals. Both members are multi-instrumentalists in their own right ranging from digital piano and bass; employing a fleet of musicians that includes saxophone featured on their albums. Hall and Oates are known for their rock and soul sound that combines rock and roll with rhythm and blues with the advent of the 80s bringing new dimensions from new wave to jazz. These were absorbed into their most successful album H2O of which pop rock single ‘’Maneater’’ made the most impact and remains the Hall and Oates trademark single today. So with more musical clout than The Righteous and Everley Brothers, what has made this dynamic duo so purr-fect fur so long?Hall And Oates – Purr-Fect Fur So Long

Maneater Creators

Much media coverage of ‘’Maneater’’ has been released on the back of this Hall and Oates original from cover versions to TV and film usage. The somewhat aggressive, dark lyrics belie the portrayal of a woman as a wild cat who will eat her victims up and spit them out!

The track begins with an ardent bass riff and syncopated back beat that soon develops into a reggae frenzy of digital piano layering as xylophone and synth-wave shimmers and high-pitched synth strings build up an enigmatic opener with the final touches of saxophone strokes:

Bm   A   G   F#

Hall and Oates Purr-fection

Daryl Hall fronts the track on vocals and a reggae motif on digital piano. He relays his caution undertones further embedded by a video featuring Hall and Oates and session musicians and a wandering black jaguar:

                  D                                             A                    C                         B

‘‘She’ll only come at night, The lean and hungry type, Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before’’

The song goes on in the same vein building a picture of the female of the species and her womanly wiles:

Bm                                        A                                                             G                               F#

‘’Oh here she comes. Watch out boy she’ll chew you up. Oh here she comes, She’s a maneater’’.

The middle eight enjoys a simplistic build-up from the saxophone and prominent backing vocals come into focus and drive the music home. Hall and Oates know how to tame their audience as the dynamic duo adapts to their musical surroundings fur so long.

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