Grizzly Bear – Paws For Thought

The Grizzly bear of the four legged, furry variety has a surprising number of attributes that twin with our US rockers of the same name. Whilst the Grizzly bear per sae lives inland, our New Yorker banders Grizzly Bear house their musical den on the coast; the first of which will hide from his audience whilst the second embraces the masses. Since the quartet’s inception in 2002 Grizzly Bear has enjoyed a handful of albums all displaying a plethora of instrumental prowess scored for the usual line up to more diverse sounds by way of digital piano, autoharp and banjo. Grizzly Bear members Droste, Rossen, Taylor and last but not least drummer, Mr Christopher Bear, all contribute to song-writing material but it is mainly led by lead vocalist and digital piano player Edward Droste who set out on his own solo trail before Grizzly Bear became a foursome. Whilst the tracks of our furry friend hold some interest to some; tracks like ‘’Deep Blue Sea’’ have given our cuddly boy band the foot hold they deserve. A bear-faced expose whose lyrical beauty will give you paws for thought…Grizzly Bear – Paws For Thought

Grizzly Bear – Deep Paws

The band’s sound bears many headings under the rock genre from indie to folk to experimental. ‘’Deep Blue Sea’’ sits neatly under the folk niche as the track starts at a mid tempo with minimalistic of two chords strummed by a folk guitar and the simplistic beauty of enigmatic lyrics:

G             C              G                 C                        G

’Deep blue sea darling, On a deep, deep blue sea’’

’Deep Blue Sea’’ Full Of Soul

The enriching sounds of the autoharp, digital grand piano wavering and empathetic vocal harmonies drive the track forward and unfold the storyline:

’And it was mama who got drowned in, out in that deep blue sea’’

The song continues in the same enigmatic vein to the end with vocal wailing, vivid programmatic imagery and lyrics that have secured much discussion over their meaning.  Just like the deep blue sea – this song won’t give up its soul and our Grizzly Bear foursome thrives best in their natural habitat.

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