Foxes – Chasing Her Musical Tail

Foxes may be plural by name but Louisa Rose Allen, UK singer-songwriter, single-minded by nature and has a tale to tell. Apart from being an avid animal lover; Foxes had a dream about Foxes – Chasing Her Musical Tailthe bushy-tailed creatures and chose her stage name and first song ‘’Like Foxes Do’’ from this same encounter. Released earlier this week, ‘’Glorious’’ is Foxes fourth single and ITV has been quick on the back drop uptake. Its trailer of a trailer of a trailer can be seen featuring yet another Autumnal collection of dramatic delights accompanied by a Foxes original. This pop maiden accelerates with her nostalgic nod of ‘’I gave it everything’’  accompanied by digital piano surges and bombastic drum beats that ignite our interest in Autumnal new comers like ‘Tricked’ and ‘Plebs’. Foxes and fiction alike – here’s to a howling success.  

Where Foxes Live

Foxes ‘Glorious’ album of the same name beholds 11 tracks; all bathing in a sea of spiritual depth. ‘Glorious’ the single is different, as its earthiness touches the most cautious of us when it comes the machinations of pop and its ‘heard it all before’ churnings. But this pop vixen is different as she delivers her unabashed combo of determination and nostalgia to an intro glancing  the style of the New Wave 80s with its slow, synth pop beginning and sparse electric piano ‘pings’ and space age swirls’

B                  Abm              Db           Ebm    E     Ebm

  ‘’Hollow ground and I keep on falling—————’’ etc

Foxes Earthy Lair

Verse 1 shows our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ swirling down, head first through hollow ground; as her crash-and-burn imagery and vocal acrobatics are accompanied by a sea of digital piano chords and ultra-reverberation:

  B                                                                             Abm             

  ‘’’Cause the fate is untold and I still hear it calling, but something is wrong’’ etc

Where Drama Tells The Tale

Verse 3 is the back drop section synchronised with ITV’s trailer campaign. Its lyrical trappings ‘’The time is right, when there’s no way out’’ and anthem-like chorus highlight the   theatrics of scenes from like ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Cilla’ and ‘The Great Fire’ as Foxes fans the flames of intrigue and all hands are now on the instrumental deck:

  Db                      Ebm                                  B

‘’Don’t give it up, don’t give it up; it’s glorious’’ etc

Complete with cymbal crashes and a luscious bed of digital piano chords. The ardent Foxes fights her corner to the end and the trailer concludes with the gentle promise of a new season of drama from the ITV den and Foxes is leaves us to contemplate her musical tale.

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