Woodkid Steels The Show

Woodkid is a craftsman made of strong stuff as his recent EP single ‘Iron’ gets an airing. Woodkid, whose real name is Yoann Lemoine and of French original, is known alongside a catalogue of talents in a creative forum, for his experimental music that meanders nomadically between the Baroque pop and neofolk genres. ‘Iron’ typifies the Woodkid sound with its tribal rhythms and heraldic digital piano motif and calls to the spirit within us all.  ‘Iron’ has been at centres stage before its present showing from action-packed video games to the back drop music in adverting promos galore. Today, Diesel is embedding its latest men’s fragrance via the chiselled looks of male model Willy Cartier on screen and the sculpted craft of the Woodkid ‘Iron’ behind it. This compelling combination results in a potent wave of masculinity from manufacturer and musician alike.Woodkid Continue reading “Woodkid Steels The Show”

The Weather Girls – A Musical Forecast

The Weather Girls seem to spring to mind at the present time ‘’whether we like it or not’’. As the weather in the UK goes from small talk to the next big issue with flood defences broken, gale force winds and severe weather warnings forecast by our TV weather girls and boys ‘’whatever the weather’’ our stalwart British upper lip will weather the storm. It’ll take more than a handsome Prince to bail some out so here’s the Weather Girls with their next prediction… The Weather Girls – A Musical Forecast Continue reading “The Weather Girls – A Musical Forecast”

Grizzly Bear – Paws For Thought

The Grizzly bear of the four legged, furry variety has a surprising number of attributes that twin with our US rockers of the same name. Whilst the Grizzly bear per sae lives inland, our New Yorker banders Grizzly Bear house their musical den on the coast; the first of which will hide from his audience whilst the second embraces the masses. Since the quartet’s inception in 2002 Grizzly Bear has enjoyed a handful of albums all displaying a plethora of instrumental prowess scored for the usual line up to more diverse sounds by way of digital piano, autoharp and banjo. Grizzly Bear members Droste, Rossen, Taylor and last but not least drummer, Mr Christopher Bear, all contribute to song-writing material but it is mainly led by lead vocalist and digital piano player Edward Droste who set out on his own solo trail before Grizzly Bear became a foursome. Whilst the tracks of our furry friend hold some interest to some; tracks like ‘’Deep Blue Sea’’ have given our cuddly boy band the foot hold they deserve. A bear-faced expose whose lyrical beauty will give you paws for thought…Grizzly Bear – Paws For Thought Continue reading “Grizzly Bear – Paws For Thought”

Ria Ritchie – The Girl With A Plan B

When Ria Ritchie put herself out there on YouTube as a Plan A to her musical exposure – she didn’t figure on having a Plan B so soon. The UK singer-songwriter who hails from Norwich laid her talent before squillions of viewers and before she knew it – her fairy tale was coming true in the shape of musical recognition. As a vocalist and more recent self-taught guitarist, Ria Ritchie has always had a passion for penning her feelings and ‘’Only One’’, her debut single captures her musical niche in full. Absorbed in soul and Motown from a tender age, the influence of artists like Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys comes shining through; sounds clad in rich digital piano chords and earnest lyrical messages. But right now her release of ‘’Only One’’ has gotten Ria Ritchie to be ‘the chosen one’. Ria Ritchie – The Girl With A Plan B Continue reading “Ria Ritchie – The Girl With A Plan B”

The Righteous Brothers – Gone, Gone, Gone, Woe

The Righteous Brothers have been celebrating their divine, ‘do good’ sound since time began. The duo’s vocal style was a one-off ‘special something’ that appealed to the The Righteous Brothers – Gone, Gone, Gone, Woe masses more so than other duo acts like the Everly Brothers or Simon and Garfunkel. Their unique, under-your-skin sound seemed to offer comfort to their audience and with Bill Medley’s penetrating baritone line blending into the tender touches of tenor Bobby Hatfield; the two fitted together like a velvet glove.  Continue reading “The Righteous Brothers – Gone, Gone, Gone, Woe”

Peter Gabriel – From Out Of Genesis

Peter Gabriel may have the unmistakable husky voice of an angel but he is also blessed with many other qualities including his involvement as a Human Rights activist.Peter Gabriel – From Out Of Genesis This life experience coupled with the public Peter Gabriel departure from rock band legend Genesis in 1977, resulted in his first solo single Solsbury Hill; a folk-rock song with a complex time signature and prominent digital piano underlay. Since going it alone, Peter Gabriel has had his fingers in many musical pies including standalone work and collaborations with artists including Kate Bush; continuing to perform whilst accompanying on digital grand piano and flute where appropriate. Today, Peter Gabriel continues to pursue his craft after some forty years plus in the business; still touring, and still with his signatory husky voice of an angel.   Continue reading “Peter Gabriel – From Out Of Genesis”

Hall And Oates – Purr-Fect Fur So Long

Hall and Oates have been some forty years plus in the music industry and are still going strong. The US duo first started working together in 1970 with Daryl Hall fronting with vocals and John Oates accompanying on electric guitar with backing vocals. Both members are multi-instrumentalists in their own right ranging from digital piano and bass; employing a fleet of musicians that includes saxophone featured on their albums. Hall and Oates are known for their rock and soul sound that combines rock and roll with rhythm and blues with the advent of the 80s bringing new dimensions from new wave to jazz. These were absorbed into their most successful album H2O of which pop rock single ‘’Maneater’’ made the most impact and remains the Hall and Oates trademark single today. So with more musical clout than The Righteous and Everley Brothers, what has made this dynamic duo so purr-fect fur so long?Hall And Oates – Purr-Fect Fur So Long Continue reading “Hall And Oates – Purr-Fect Fur So Long”

Van Halen – A Leap Of Faith

Van Halen took its own leap of faith in 1984 when its hard core metal changed direction to pop rock. Whilst Argentina was invading the Falkland Islands and the Berlin Wall demolished, VVan Halen – A Leap Of Faithan Halen was building new musical bridges that lead to its own revolution. Despite the heady Eddie Van Halen guitar solo that stayed in keeping with the band’s original identity; it was the innovative synth-pop digital piano motif that shuffled the Van Halen identity into this new pop niche. The 80’s marriage was one made in heaven and the result was a perfect synthesis of the Van Halen love child that culminated in pop rock seconded only by the sale of Cabbage Patch kids!  Continue reading “Van Halen – A Leap Of Faith”

MoZella – A Summer Spaced Out

MoZella, US soul/pop artist can be heard as the back drop sound for the latest Netflix as the summer holidays bring the family into focus. The 2010 single ‘’Feel Alright’’ hailed MoZella as a household MoZella  - A Summer Spaced Outname as she and Netflix provided the ideal solution to entertainment through their combo of music and movies. As Netflix streams its eternal supply on screen, behind the scenes ‘’Feel Alright’’ was doing more than ok; with its child-like soul/pop surround and sing-along phrasing, the feel-good frenzy could only take off. Complete with space theme and easy-play digital piano chords the Netflix promo gets a good airing and MoZella gets another musical high.  Continue reading “MoZella – A Summer Spaced Out”

Foxes – Chasing Her Musical Tail

Foxes may be plural by name but Louisa Rose Allen, UK singer-songwriter, single-minded by nature and has a tale to tell. Apart from being an avid animal lover; Foxes had a dream about Foxes – Chasing Her Musical Tailthe bushy-tailed creatures and chose her stage name and first song ‘’Like Foxes Do’’ from this same encounter. Released earlier this week, ‘’Glorious’’ is Foxes fourth single and ITV has been quick on the back drop uptake. Its trailer of a trailer of a trailer can be seen featuring yet another Autumnal collection of dramatic delights accompanied by a Foxes original. This pop maiden accelerates with her nostalgic nod of ‘’I gave it everything’’  accompanied by digital piano surges and bombastic drum beats that ignite our interest in Autumnal new comers like ‘Tricked’ and ‘Plebs’. Foxes and fiction alike – here’s to a howling success.   Continue reading “Foxes – Chasing Her Musical Tail”